After Oklahoma City I had to buy a few head of new practice cattle for Puncher. That is, I wanted to sell some and replace them with cattle that aren’t so wise to the dog training drill. I have to make sure Puncher is really herding them, not simply following them around while they are following me.

Who is trained better? Cattle or dog?

 I keep a little bunch of about 10 head (not enough to qualify as a “herd”) for dog training. They are not part of the commercial cattle that we run on the ranch and sell for profit.  My practice cattle are quite a bit smaller, less well bred, =cheaper.
 My partner, the Cattle-Man, frowns on me training my dogs on an $800 steer. He would rather me use a $300 steer. Get it?  He’s all about profit. Cattle don’t gain much when you use them to train dogs every day. Weight gain = profit in the cattle business.  It’s too easy for me to turn an $800 steer into a $300 steer by training dogs with him. So it’s better for me to start with a $300 steer and keep him a $300 steer.
My practice cattle are a rag-tag looking crew, but it works. I gathered the old gang together one last time to choose three to “re-home”.  I sold 2 Holstein steers, and one really wild black heifer at our livestock auction barn on Thursday. (fuzzy picture).  I said goodbye and wished them a happy new life with no dogs.
 When Cattle-Man asked me if I made money on them, I fibbed, “I think so”
Not really a fib. I consider having fun part of the profit.
I went back to the auction to buy some new ones. The Cattle-Man was with me buying cattle for the ranch. We both bid on cattle, but not against each other, except once by accident when I was talking with my hands. He was bidding on cattle to make money.  I was bidding on cheap cattle that would work for dog training and not loose too much money because the Cattle-Man is also my husband and I still like him and want to get along. The sale barn is really fun. Remember…. fun is part of the profit.
My criteria today: steer,400 lbs, not too wild, healthy, cheap, any color,any breed, 3 head
His criteria today: steer,700 lbs, angus,well bred, healthy,gain good,money makers, 20 head
So here is what I bought.  And why I bought them.

Spot, just so dang cute, very photogenic, he will probably live here forever because is is so pretty and I like looking at him.
Golden boy, so cute and tiny, I felt sorry for him, he was crying for his mama,
and his ears were a little droopy.
Blondie,The Cattle-Man made me buy him because he was a really good deal and would gain well and make money.
 Oh boy, more fibbing.
I’m all about business.
So far so good.
Love,  cgr,   Terah
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  1. pluckychickenheart says:

    This is so cool Terah! I'm learning so much. I'm such a city mouse that I'm enjoying experiencing farm life vicariously through you.

    Hey, you know what? I just found an awesome original oil painting of a cow in a consignment shop a month ago. Maybe it's all connected!

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