Here is a video of Puncher and me at our second ever cattle dog trial.
It is the Oklahoma State Fair last month.
I had a few epiphanies that day.
One: My practice cattle at home are really well trained.
Two: Adrenaline can produce a blackout much like alcohol.
Three: Video adds 20 lbs to my arse but not my dogs arse.
Four: My heart was beating at least 200 and I didn’t have a stroke
Five: Therefore, no need to start working out. (as if)
Plan: Back to the ranch, get fresh cattle, keep practicing, do it again.
Check market for trained cattle.
Love, CGR (Terah)
Disclaimer: No dogs or cattle were harmed in the making of this video. ?
                  One cowgirl’s heart almost blew up.

Audio provided by my trophy husband.


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  1. Love it! Definately no need to start working out. I had a friend as a kid who had an english sheepdog. Puncher reminds me of him. He used to herd us as we got off the bus to walk to her house. Figure eights in between our legs!

    P.S. Your last comment on PCH made my day. Thank YOU!

  2. Peggie Arvidson says:

    you are sooo funny Terah. I love this video and for reasons unbeknownst to me I found myself tearing up.

  3. Thanks ladies. Peggy, I teared up a little too. When we finally went through that first obstacle and the crowd cheered. I don't remember hearing it while I was out there. It really gets me in the heart.

  4. I cheered, too! Teared up, too. And am pondering making a skinny camera… You know, like a skinny mirror. The ones you stand in front of & love because they don't make your arse barn sized. I've always wondered why at stores like Victoria's they use such crappy lighting and fun house mirrors (unless my butt really does warble in the middle…) in the changing rooms. They should use trick mirrors and lighting in there, baby, that hide the cellulite & accentuate boobage & buttocks like a centerfold.
    I think you look great, Red. I'm proud of you for even attempting something like that. Puncher is poetry in motion! Smooch that sweet pooch for me!

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