Some of our steers fell in love with the neighbors cows.   Before we could ship the steers we needed to go get them.
Trophy Husband (T.H.) sucked the cows into the corner of the adjoining pasture with the pickup and round bale attached. I brought up the stragglers on Paint. This time of year there are not many stragglers.  That round bale with the horn honking is a powerful magnet for a cow. Paint and I eased the lovesick steers out one at a time and T.H. worked the gate.

While admiring at the neighbors cows I was thinking. “What an aesthetically pleasing cow herd !” All colors, splashed with white. You just don’t see that anymore.  Everything is so black on black on black in most cattle herds today.  Angus Shmangus.  This herd was a little old fashioned and……. pretty.  What ever happened to aesthetics in cattle breeding?  To heck with the homogeneous Certified Angus Beef Industry….. and their profit…… and their statistics to back it up. 
 As an artist I want my cows to be pleasing to the eye.
Who needs an number when you have a face like that?
Like snowflakes, no two alike.
I want them to be able to express their individuality and be photogenic.
The marketing department for Certified Angus Beef does not have one drop of artist blood.  But they are really good at sales.  I heard Ford and GM were trying to hire them.
Is that the shape of a bird on her forehead?

Love,  Cowgirl Red,   aka     Terah

PS Still amusing myself everyday.

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  1. pluckychickenheart says:

    Those are some great faces. We are all prettier in different colors.

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