I wonder what Ol’ Paint was thinking here?  What was I thinking? 
My evil twin was laughing hysterically (in her head of course).

 Part of the reason for my amusement was that this has happened to me last summer, in the exact same spot on my brand new shiney red 4wheeler. However, I did not have such an easily, evil-ly, amused witness (spouse) standing by with a camera. And I was able to get un-stuck and destroy the evidence (hose off the 4-Wheeler) before anyone found out.
The story….. We were gathering our steers from the trap pasture to the pens to sort and ship.  Since Puncher is on the injured reserve list and my trophy husband was in a big hurry,  he helped me with the 4-wheeler.  The trap pasture is not a huge pasture and it funnels into the pens. 
 There is one hazard though. About two hundred yards from the pens is this bottomless little bog hole/creek.  He has thown everything but the cat into this crossing to try to put a bottom in it so something with wheels can cross.  OK for horse, cattle and dog. Not OK for 4 wheeler or Pick Up.
Usually when we get to the bog hole I take the cattle on with Paint and he circles back around and meets me on the other side of the pens……Not today, because, remember we are in a hurry. 

At the crossing, I could hear him revving up the engine.  I thought he was doing like me and going to take a big run at it. I think high speed compensates for lack of bottom. Sort of like flying.  I’ve never seen him get stuck. I secretly wanted to see exactly how he does it so I won’t have walk back to the house next time I’m feeling lucky.
 Well, guess what? He is not revving it up to gain speed. He is stuck and I am highly amused.   I penned the steers, and trot back to him.  Now he’s walking and muddy. I am gritting my teeth trying not to laugh and the conversation is something like this:
Me: You want a ride?
Him: No
Me: Hop on the back of Paint
Him: No
Do you want me to get the truck?
Do want me to do anything?

So I don’t do anything, except whip my camera out and take pictures.
But that wasn’t really me doing that, it was my evil twin. 
Love Cowgirl Red,      aka Terah
PS  The reason my evil twin was so amused is this.  These mishaps happen to me alot on the ranch.  Getting stuck, running out of gas in the 4wheeler, falling off my horse and walking back to the house. Consequently I am on the receiving end of many fatherly lectures from my trophy husband about how not to let it happen again.  I am so easily amused.

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  1. pluckychickenheart says:

    I love It!! I needed a good chuckle Terah. ;o) xoxo

  2. Lille Diane says:

    LOL!!! I call my ET Evil Sister.

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