artI just returned from a lovely week in Santa Fe.  It was mini spiritual/aunt/niece/grand-niece reunion  (I’m the niece) at my Aunt Sandra’s beautiful mountain home.  Also an artist’s retreat for me.  Here is a picture of all the gadgets that I took with me.
Impressive? Laptop, Ipod, Droid, Blutooth, new Ipad etc etc.  I had envisioned myself sitting on her beautiful portal, drinking coffee, editing photos, writing, finishing some current blogs, staying in touch with friends and tribe members.  Not……….
As prepared as I was for staying in communicado, I was totally unprepared for this…..
No cell service at the mountain house, I mean none, not even text.  No Internet,  they don’t use it. Bless them, they gave up on computers years ago. And my new Verizon Wi Fi 5-Spot didn’t work. Did not set it up properly before leaving home.
I was very surprised at my feeling of anxiety, and a little panic and isolation.
We went down into Santa Fe regularly. However, I decided to be present with Aunt Sandra and Morgane instead of asking “Can we spend a couple of hours at Starbucks so I could catch up on my email and play with my new Ipad” 
Let me mention that all these gadgets that I packed did not synch properly. It was not false advertising, however, operator error and learning curve issues. I know for a fact that is takes me about 5 times longer to figure out technology to the point of utility than, say the average 30 year old. Yet, I am positive that I am way ahead of my peers, “the 50-somethings”.  Any takers?
I want all the technology that I can afford that keeps me in touch with my tribe, my community of women friends and a few good men.  It means the world to me. 
So what did I do without my gadgets? I know you were about to ask. Well,  I breathed deeply, checked my anxiety at the door and spent several wonderful days with my aunt and daughter.  Talking, laughing, cooking, eating, reading, praying, being together, eating more.  Shoring up the bond of family and love that holds us together in a very spiritual place on top of a mountain east of Santa Fe. ( It might have been north, I get confused)
Terah & Morgane,  NG

Aunt Sandra,  the matriarch of our family

Technology… sheesh, I just spent a half an hour trying to get these two pictures to go side by side.  Oh well, another day.   Hey wait, I think I did it.  Take that you 50-somethings… Game on!!
Love,  Cowgirl Red,    aka Terah
(While tooling around Santa Fe not playing with my gadgets at Starbucks, I saw Julia Cameron, yes THE Julia Cameron…at Starbucks!   I took it as a sign. )

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  1. pluckychickenheart says:

    You LUCKY DOG YOU! Ok.The lesson had to come the hard way but it looks like you rolled with it. My desk looks like yours. Umm..yes…I am in Android, ipad heaven!!!

    And how beautiful are you and your family?

    Julia Cameron. Amazing. Had you seen her in person before? I am very familiar with her work but I'm not sure I would recognize her.

    Glad to have you back!

  2. Cowgirl Red says:

    Plucky Mari,I had only seen her pictures on book covers and internet. I recognized her immediately as she walked past me, then sat a few feet away. I heard her say her name while eavesdropping. I was starstruck and very emotional. She means alot to me as an artist and a sober woman.


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