Because today is Friday, it sounds like a good day to post about my Fiber Art.
This is what I do.  I make things with Fabric and Textiles.
My art is evolving. It laid dormant for 30+ years.
In my teens and twenties I was a talented clothing and textile designer with a college degree and everything.
Then I took a hard right and became a CPA. Makes perfect sense, right?

I am reclaiming myself and my artist-self.
These are some throw pillows I designed and made for my daughter.
She chose 3 coordinating fabrics for her bedroom from.Santa Fe Fabrics I bought 1 yard of each.
These pillows are 20″ square. I don’t really have a plan until I start.
Here are some snapshots of the detail on each of the 4 pillows.
I quilted this one

Embellished with turqoise beads from Madrid,NM

2 button closure, vintage buttons

Diagonal bias overlap/closure

Turqoise and coral beads
combining fabrics and embellishments

My signature button closure on the back

They are really a slip cover for a pillow. 

The closure and my label

Tiney turquoise beads sewn on the pleats

Morgane’s bed in Salt Lake City

Designing and sewing these customs pillows is easy compared with trying to get these photos to line up on this blog post.  I shipped them to her last week, she was thrilled, and so was I. My artist is emerging and it’s really fun.
Love,  Cowgirl Red, aka  Terah
PS  Santa Fe Fabrics  in Santa Fe, NM.  A fabulously rare find for me!!  A real-life unique fabric store.
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  1. Ernestine Kessel says:

    Love the creations…Morgane is one lucky girl!!!!

  2. pluckychickenheart says:

    These are great Terah!!! You daughter is one lucky chick! I like the idea of Fiber Fridays too. Even if you only post a work in progress its great to see it from a different vantage point on the world wide web. Somehow we take ourselves more seriously when we do this. Weird but true.


  3. pluckychickenheart says:


  4. Peggie Arvidson says:

    love it! these are gorgeous!

  5. Visiting from CED… nice pillows and what a beautiful horse you have. Nice blog…

  6. I love the pillows so much Mom! They are beautiful and unique!!!


  7. B @ Sweet Limes says:

    Great fabrics, the pillows look amazing together on your bed like that.

  8. Linda Baker says:

    Beautiful Terah and so very creative!!

  9. neverblueagain says:

    Your pillows are beautiful! I especially love the blue and pink with the quilted flowers. I am glad you have opened back up your creative side. I can't wait to see more! You are very talented and from the looks you also have an eye for design.

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