There are a few things on this ranch that I just love to look at everyday.
Makes me feel good and smile inside.
 I rode out on the 4wheeler to catch up my horses and bring them back in closer to the house for the rest of the winter.  First, I had to find them. I honestly hadn’t seen much of them since turning them out after roundup and the fall cattle work.
Paint and Pardner
I realized right then how much I missed just looking at them.

I got that little happy feeling in my heart and tummy when I came up on them. I haltered them and trotted them back to the house behind me. I got a major “feel good rush” just having them close again.

I turned them out on this little wheat pasture that’s close to the house. It’s green. I can see them from the south windows. There is a little spring that never freezes for water. 

They have trees for wind break and can come in the barn if they want.

I just love looking at him.

And him….he makes me laugh out loud. Bad idea to turn livestock into pets. Just can’t help myself. It’s more fun than Prozac. I can now scratch him on the head and feed him by hand.

And then there is this……..Every time I look down at my feet, here is what’s looking back up at me.
Winter Blues??? I laugh in your face.
Love,  Cowgirl Red  aka   Terah
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  1. Peggie Arvidson says:

    OMG — your animals make my heart sing. Terah I love Spot. Love love love spot. (of course you already know that I drool over both Paint and Pardner…)

  2. Lille Diane says:

    They are the BEST Prozac, Terah! I loved looking at each sweet face, and could get a sense of your sweet life by reading your words. I'm originally from Durango and northern NM. My grandparents are buried in Pagosa. I dearly miss it, Terah. But visiting you will help immensely when I want to come home~

    Thank you so much for joining Hope Rocks! You will be my liaison to keep Hope floating in Santa Fe. I think we're going to become great friends, Red. Your blog is a beautiful place to visit. <3

  3. Lille Diane says:

    I just saw that you live in Kansas. That's close enough to Santa Fe for me. lol Let's meet up there one day for lunch OK? Again, I thoroughly love your blog~

  4. Cowgirl Red says:

    Lunch it is. Next time I'm in Santa Fe, Soon I hope. Terah

  5. pluckychickenheart says:

    Oh my God. They are so beautiful. A pox on winter blues!


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