These are two of my twelve barn cats. They won’t stay in the barn. They prefer the porch.
A certain dog chewed up the pillows of my wicker porch chairs last summer  Better the pillows than the chairs themselves. So being how winter is here, I decided to make slip covers for them so my barn cats would have an attractive place to nap since they won’t stay in the barn. That makes sense in my world.
This is just some “vintage” fabric I had. The green was leftover from the backing of a quilt I made. The blue plaid was part of Aunt Sandra’s stash from her Interior Design business in Santa Fe.

I use vintage buttons for all my pillows. Vintage means I pulled them out of my button jar.When I use the word “vintage” instead of “used” or “leftover” in it makes me feel like a real grown up artist.

So if you have some pillows that your dogs chewed up, call me.  I would love to make some vintage slip covers for you.  Then your cats can nap in style too.
I might even be able to fix you up with some “vintage” cats since I have twelve of them and only four will stay in the barn.
Oops!  Dog must have got too close. 
Really, he was just going for the pillow. That’s his chew toy, not you grey kitty.
Love,  Cowgirl Red    aka     Terah
PS Just kidding about a free cat.  I couldn’t part with any of them.
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  1. Peggie Arvidson says:

    I was wondering if i could get some vintage cats…(don't tell Emma, you know how she is!)

  2. pluckychickenheart says:

    Oh I love my kitty! And I love your vintage style. Great cushions! Can you blame those cats for wanting to snooze in style? Me neither.

  3. Lille Diane says:

    You totally crack me up! AND you are so talented, Red! I love all the pillows you've made posted on here & I'm glad you made the decision to pour your heart into your art. You are way too talented not to.

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