T.H. (Trophy Husband) went to Colorado on business for two days so I guess that left me in charge. That means I’m the boss of me. So being the boss of me, I decided to give myself a day off. Not really. The only thing he asked me to do while he was gone was to check the steers that we just turned out on wheat pasture. Make sure they are 1) there, and 2) trailing down to the pond to drink. Obviously, T.H. has loads of confidence in my abilities. I think “That would make one of us”.
I drove up to the pasture planning how I was going to spend  all my free time this afternoon. I just had one question for T.H……..What steers?  I don’t see them anywhere!! Not only had they not found the pond yet,  they were not there at all!! Maybe I have it wrong? But no, this is the right wheat field.. A quick call to T.H. in Denver confirms it.   Just great, one simple job and I screw it up.  Worse yet, there goes my day off.  At his suggestion I went home, saddled up Paint, hauled him back  up there. (I’m not really that lazy yet, this pasture is 6 miles from the house. I know you were thinking “why doesn’t she just ride him to the pasture?”)
I unloaded Paint and started riding and looking. See those black specks out there on the horizon? Those are the steers. There is one more variable in this equation.  Paint has not been ridden in over a month. He had been turned out on wheat 3 days before .  Presently, he is on the equine equivalent of a “Red Bull” high.
This is as close as we could get to the steers before they run off.
A cedar tree branch swayed in the wind and Paint jumped 10 feet sideways and then spun around like a dog chasing his tail.  He’s looking for whatever big “booger” that was. Must have been a big one. As usual, invisible to human eyes. Now I was genuinely afraid. Where was this coming from? I used to never be afraid to ride. I wanted to cry, get off, walk back to the truck, go home and get in bed until tomorrow.
 The spinning wheel of fear and anxiety in my head almost won ” I’m scared, no one cares, no one knows where I am, no one cares, except T.H. and he’s Colorado, and no one cares, and I’m 54 yrs old, I can’t ride like I used to, might as well give it up, no one cares, I’m too old, I could lay out here for days and freeze to death, and no one cares, and my pants are too tight, and my gray roots are showing, and no one cares, whaa whaa whaa”  (I recognized the voice of my evil twin, ET. Sometimes I really hate that b$%@#)
 I said a little prayer something like this  “God please give me back the confidence I had when I was 40 and the body to go with it.  Thanks, your friend Terah, Amen”
Then I think God said back to me distinctly, “Terah, put down your camera, and hold on to your horse, before you get hurt, your friend, God” 
I’m an obedient child of God, so here is a lifelike drawing of the route we took to get the steers gathered up and down to the pond for a drink. 

It appears someone’s horse might have been drunk like Lee Marvin’s in Paint Your Wagon.  Not the case. the steers were a little wild. I had to stay way back and let them drift in the general direction. The whole project took about two hours.  It was fun once I settled down.
We got them there eventually. Paint got a little sweaty.

I gained back some of my 40-year-old’s confidence, but not the body, yet.
The End. 
(sorry just couldn’t help myself) Pretty Kansas Sunset

Love, Cowgirl Red  aka Terah
P.S. Wish I could tell you that the steers settled down and staid put all due to my great “cowgirling” skills. But that would be a lie.  When T.H. got home, we had to go gather some of them up from the neighbors. This last picture is them being unloaded from the stock trailer back out on our wheat.  But, I still have some of my  40-year-old confidence and I’m going to the salon in Wichita tomorrow to do something about my hair.

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  1. Hi, I'm Catherine... says:

    Hi Terah, Scary or what… what were you thinking going out into the middle of nowhere with grey roots. Just coz you live in the booneys girl doesn't mean you can let your standards drop. Beautiful photos. I think your very brave even getting on a horse.. I haven't got back on one since I fell off 20years ago, oops nearly 30.. I'm heading for 50 (not liking it much). You look great.. grey roots an all.

  2. Cowgirl Red says:

    Catherine, I assure you it will never happen again. I just changed my standing appointment at the salon from every 5 weeks to every 4weeks. I am fully prepared to go to 3 if I have to. Thanks for visiting. Terah

  3. Catherine... says:

    LOL… glad to hear it, I will be back to check that standards are being maintained. I'm off to paint my nails,when I was lady that lunched they were always painted, now I work with children they're never out of glue and paint long enough to deal with. It's the hols so I'm going to give my hands and nails a treat… Standard you know… Catherine

  4. Hi Terah – thanks so much for visiting my blog today. Your horses, especially Paint, dogs and land are all beautiful. I am very impressed by how you managed what you did. I really enjoyed reading your post and whilst I am unable to relate to rounding up steers I was able to relate to that panic and loss of confidence. Your hair looks gorgeous in these blog photos but you deserve a little pampering after your hard work, so enjoy and I'm sure you'll feel great for the festive season!

    Great to 'meet' you.
    Kat 🙂

  5. Lille Diane says:

    You're my hero roots and all! Were you packing your cell? Proud of you!

  6. Next time you better tell someone where you are because I care! Otherwise, LMAO!!!

  7. pluckychickenheart says:

    Hahahaha I have an Evil Twin too! Her name is Natasha. ( think Boris and…)
    I'd get you found Terah! Roots and all.

    Xo Mari
    I just made my trip to the rootologist a more frequent occurrence too. :0)

  8. Creatively Sensitive says:

    Hi Terah,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is always really good to meet people who "get it". I've had many of those little mental meltdowns, and it's comical and comforting to hear yours 🙂

    Isn't it silly how we could be in the middle of an incredibly brave task, like herding steer!, and still feel absolutely tiny.

    So glad you found me. Looking forward to hearing your fascinating stories 🙂


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