My little antique cobblers bench with my favorite things in my studio
I joined the Creative  Creative Every Day Challenge 2011 hosted by Leah Piken Kolidas.  Where I will post regularly my Fiber and Textile Art.  I joined it for the last few weeks of 2010 and now can’t live without it.  What a dynamic community of creative people!  I’m loving the new friends and seeing how creative people are.  It is filling me up.
Right now I am still designing and sewing these slip covers for 20″ throw pillows. I will be doing this for awhile, until I run out of the approximately 100 pillow inserts I bought. HA! Moderation is not in my M.O.
I chose this simple batik fabric I purchased on EBay last year. I had 2 yards, enough for 2 pillows.

Embellished with some beads that look like little white turquoise stones. They were from my stash, picked up at some bead store somewhere.  Wichita, I think.
I designed the closure like an envelope that flips over the top.

Secured simply by these ties with a bead sewn on the end.
The brown fabric doesn’t photograph quite as pretty as it is.
Originally I imposed a posting calendar on myself for the Creative Every Day Challenge 2011.  I was going to post every Friday.  I’m prone to do things like that to myself to make myself nuttier that I already am. Well………It helped me structure some daily time commitment in the studio. However,  I found my self forcing my art to completion  in order to meet my self imposed schedule.   I don’t need anymore therapy, I can figure this one out for myself.
I will commit to do my art everyday,  and post when the time is right.
Love,  Cowgirl Red    aka Terah
Loving all my new friends on CED!!!  Thank you Leah!  You make this world a better place!
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  1. pluckychickenheart says:

    Amen Sista! CED is an awesome community of peeps isn't it? I'm grateful for it too.


  2. So true… It is hard to schedule yourself, it feels like it becomes a job yikes! Great pillows, I love batiks. I have a stash of them myself. Nice job.

  3. Creatively Sensitive says:

    Hear Hear. The point is to make us committed to our art, not to get to the point where we need to be committed. 😉 lol

    These pillows are so scrumptious. I want them on my couch. I want to wear them as a dress.

    Happy Trails…

  4. B @ Sweet Limes says:

    Drooling over that fabric! It made amazing pillows.

  5. Catherine... says:

    Hi Terah, love the cushions….don't go nuts girl, just get your posie together and go for a good walkies…

  6. Cowgirl Red says:

    Thanks everyone for reading and commenting. You made my day! Xoxo. Terah

  7. Great job! Those are beautiful:)

  8. Lille Diane says:

    OMGosh, Terah! These pillows look like they came from a really high end design company. I love your work (play??) I know you have a kazillion irons in the fire but you could really market these & sell them. Something tells me you already have done this in one of your other lifetimes. LOL I agree with you about not putting stress on yourself to finish something for a deadline that will make you crazy. Leah never expects anyone to do that. She wouldn't do it for one of her paintings so don't worry about it. You ARE being creative every day with your wonderful life. Us city slickers girls out here admire you in more ways than you could imagine, Cowgirl Red! Hope your trip has been amazing! We want peeeectures!

  9. Awesome Terah, I am glad I came across your blog,
    such beautiful art and ideals. I love your walking pictures! The cats look like hoots.

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