Since starting to blog a few months ago I have become acquainted and made friends with some amazing women.  One especially, Lille Diane and her blog Woodstock Lily . She is a gifted artist, singer, writer, Renaissance Woman.
Lille started a project called Hope Rocks.  You can read about it on her blog.  I read and listened to her story about recovering from a near fatal accident and now overcoming PTSD.  I  know what it is like to have overcome a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. That is why I am participating in Hope Rocks.  Lille, my new friend….you fill me up.
When Lille launched the Hope Rocks project, I was on my way to Jamaica with T.H. for a vacation. My rocks were already painted and if ever a place could use a little more hope it is Jamaica. (and always me too)
Hope Rocks at Home
Outside our room at the resort in Negril
 I put them in places around the resort where I would pass by. I was dying to see if they had been picked up.

Close to some other painted rocks by a walkway.

Picnic table on the beach

On a big rock and shell right on the beach.

 Ha ha, didn’t realize until just now that there is suntan oil smudged on my camera.

Downstairs from our room where the maid was working that day

Someone put this shell in the crook of a tree.

Hope Rocks my Jamaica

 My friend and dive instructor Clifton left me with much hope and confidence.  He helped me overcome an irrational fear of scuba diving. (The subject for another blog) Now comfortable under water again after I swore for the last year that I was finished diving for good.  Thanks for giving me hope, Clifton.  Goin’ Up!

Moses, an artist and beach vendor, would bless me everyday when I walked by. I will take all the blessings I can get from a man as happy as Moses.

Love, Cowgirl Red   aka  Terah
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  1. Creatively Sensitive says:

    ooh… i'm inspired! I want to make hope rocks too! I just wrote a post all about hope a little over a week ago. Did you notice that the conch shell you put one of your hope rocks on has a little heart in it? Looks/sounds like you had a very restorative time in Jamaica, in a few ways. Okay, I'm off to visit Lily!

  2. pluckychickenheart says:

    Wow! What a great idea Terah. Did people take them? I totally would have. :o) I'm afraid to scuba dive. But it sounds like you have a lot more history there. I'm glad its something you are trying again if it makes you happy. That is really wonderful.
    SB and I are thinking of going to Jamaica for our 20th anniversary this summer. Where should we stay? I've never been. SB has but back in college when he was a stoner. Don't ask.


  3. It sure looks like you had fun! Scuba diving and snorkeling and away from winter – sounds fabulous!!

  4. dandelionlady says:

    I like to make decorated rocks too! I use pastels and chalk to decorate mine. It's kind of got a Zen feel to it then because the first rain will wash away the decoration.

  5. Lille Diane says:

    Miss Cowgirl Red, my mouth is hanging open!!! I can't wait for people to see your rocks, and see where you put them. Your pictures are like looking at post cards. My friend, Andy, who lives in Scotland, is making Hope Rock videos and I'd like permission to send him some of your pics to add to the films. I'm working on this weeks Hope Rock post now, and will link back to you so peeps can see what a rockin' chick you are. You're an official Hope Rock Star now!

    I am so proud of you for facing a fear head-on like this. You give me courage to keep working toward complete freedom in all areas of my life. Terah, you fill me up, too. I'm so happy the Universe brought us together. <3 YOU!

  6. Hi Terah…. Great post. Love your rocks and it looks like you had a fabulous trip.

  7. What a lovely thing to do. I would love to find a rock like that. Wonderful!

  8. Cowgirl Red says:

    Thanks everyone. Mari, I kept checking back where I put them and people did pick them up. Don't know if they were guests or staff. We go to Negril on the 7 Mile Beach.

    Lille, you may use anything you want off my blog. Thanks.

  9. Catherine... says:

    Hi Terah,

    What a wonderful idea….love it…fantastic beach too…glad you had a good holiday…I'm off now to see Lille Diane

  10. Mlissabeth says:

    Thank you for coming over to my blog and leaving a comment.

    I love this idea, and am so inspired by your blogging. I am looking forward to spreading HOPE as well.

  11. What an incredible idea- I love it! I'm definitely going to paint up some rocks this week. But I think I'll wait for the storm to pass before I go placing them out and about;)

    Thanks so much for your words on my blog- it means the world to have support from someone who has gone through a similar ordeal. *hugs*

  12. What a wonderful way to spread a little hope & love. It must be so lovely for people who found your rocks. I've seen similar ideas of people leaving notes & chalk messages on pavements. I think it is amazing to connect with people in a positive way. I feel inspired…. Thanks.

    Jamaica looks wonderful and you look like you had fun which is great.

    Kat 🙂

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