?Every morning, especially during the holidays, I gather up my “posse” and we walk.
This day I think there were nine of us. I loose track of some members on occasion.
I have a rather large posse. Let me introduce them.
Puncher & Misti


Puncher and Misti always in the lead. Old hands at the walking gig. They bug me every morning until we go.
Tip always my left wing man, errr wing dog.
Tip would rather not go.  I make him. He is a little old, fat and lazy now. Once I get him started, he plants himself on my left side and enjoys it. It’s good for his arthritis and weight control (mine too)
Star, my right wing “dog”.
 Directly to my right is Star. She is the newest member of the posse. She used to position herself in between my legs. I was getting tired eating dirt.  I call her the yo-yo dog. This is progress. Now she will dart up to the lead dogs momentarily and right back.
Then bringing up the rear and sometimes flanking the sides is my “pussy cat posse”  Yes they walk, too.
And they crack me up.
They will not be left behind. Usually between three and five of them. Matching us step by step.
Sometimes getting distracted by a bird.
They are supposed to be barn cats, but I don’t think they know where the barn is anymore
They like to hang with the dogs. And follow me everywhere I go.
Misti, reformed cat chaser, turned cat lover.
Here in the Outback of Kansas, former home to Wyatt Earp and the Dalton Gang, this is my own personal Cowgirl Red Posse. It’s a posse that chases and gathers up my mental and physical well being everyday. It is how I survived and thrived through Holiday Siege of 2010. We ran the blockade of TH’s large family everyday.
 “Hey why don’t you take cousin Fred with you?”  “Nope we’re good” and whoosh we’re off.
Over the years I have learned to establish clear boundaries when it comes to my mental health.
I didn’t say I have good mental health, I just know how to not let get any worse.
Love, Cowgirl Red  aka Terah
And my posse of 3 Border Collies, 1 Jack Russell and a gaggle of “wanna be” house cats.?
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  1. Peggie Arvidson says:

    I love your posse. Terah you are the epitome of my kind of gal — walking with the posse and creating the boundaries! LOVE IT!

    Wish I lived where I could let my posse run leash-free. Emma used to join us on walks — but at 20 she mostly likes to stay in bed or roam the front yard in the sunshine and warmth. I let her.

    Welcome back!

  2. What fun! I want to come walking with you too 🙂

    "Over the years I have learned to establish clear boundaries when it comes to my mental health.
    I didn't say I have good mental health, I just know how to not let get any worse."

    I'm just learning this and on a day like today, that second line was a good reminder 🙂

  3. Love the posse girl.. wish I could join you. Humm mental health and boundaries if only I could remember what that is….

  4. Awesome posse. I'm looking forward to enjoying create everyday2011 with you.

  5. I've signed up for CED this year as well, so I'm sure I"ll get to know you a bit over the next year. I'm really excited about doing it! Seeing all the pictures of cats reminds me that I need to pull out my drawing lab book for the week, one os the exercises is drawing cats in a gazillion ways.

  6. Hehehehee. Yeah I hear ya about mental health boundaries. I love that you said, " we are good!" love it! I'm sure cousin Fred survived the lack of morning constitutional.

    My cat started going on evening walks with my husband and I this past summer. She stays right along side of us. It's pretty funny.

    Btw. " Moist" was a resounding success. :0)


  7. Sounds like a wonderful way to be, with your posse and have friends with you all the time. 🙂 A very Happy New Year to you too, and enjoy what creative every day brings. 🙂 xx

  8. Hi Terah,
    I have given you Stylish Blogger Award 🙂 It works like tag post. Just tell 7 things about yourself and pass it on to 15 other blogs that you like.

    You can check my post and see if you want to play along 🙂

  9. Happy New Year Cowgirl Red! I love your posse! What a great way to start your morning!

  10. Oh gosh! This is so refreshing & fun!

  11. Love the Posse! My cat always followed me to the mailbox and Corgi would carry the mail back. Holiday Siege…. I call it Christmas Crack and unfortunately I fell hard for it for too long. Back on the wagon from all those treats. Thanks for stopping by my blog! PS.. love your horse ~ I miss mine.


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  2. Ubiquitous says:

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