I’m all about Passion. Passion is the word.  That word for me is Red.
I have a fairly large stash of red.   Afterall, it is my favorite color.
This remnant I found in a cute little shop close to San Francisco last fall.
It was only 3/4 yd. I had to have it. These are my colors.

I threw my shiny gold button stash on top of it and thought about it for a couple days.

Here we go….it speaks to me and becomes my pallet.
Two simple 20″ squares to play with, turn into a throw pillow.


I was just dying to try my shiny new metallic gold thread.
And the little sack full of vintage gold buttons I found at a Michael’s Crafts.
back closure, pillow inserted
This is my signature three button closure for most of the pillows I make. 
You can take the pillow insert out and wash the slip cover or change it out.
I am in love with  vintage (old) buttons right now. I have been collecting them for years.
It’s little O.C.D. I love spreading them out and sorting them.
Thinking about what to make next

This fabric was so gorgeous! You can see that it is actually many colors.
Red, pink, orange with the screened metallic gold and black imprint.
All passionate colors. Did I mention…my colors?
It looks Asian, however they are really mushrooms.

More detail.  I machine quilted the fabric for texture and body.
And for playing with the gold thread.
The whole time I was sewing this it screamed the name of my close friend Diane in Utah.
  Di is a 70-year-old-pint-sized-powerhouse-of-passion.
She is re-doing her house, these are her colors, too.
I’m listening to the voice in my head. This pillow is going to Utah tomorrow.
Luv ya Di.

Love,  Cowgirl Red    aka   Terah
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  1. Mushrooms? I thought it was a ram's head. LOL! But then I am an Aries.

    Great pillow cover. I'm sure she'll love it! 🙂

  2. pluckychickenheart says:

    Love it Terah! The gold thread is great. I have a secret fascination with gold glitz. Gilt, lame, thread, paint. I have to be careful with it or I wind up tarting my creations up too much.


  3. Dandelion and Daisy says:

    What a lucky friend! She is going to love you for that gift, it is beautiful. What a statement piece for her redecorating project and a special reminder of you.

  4. beautiful!

  5. Creatively Sensitive says:

    Gorgeous! I didn't see the mushrooms until you mentioned it and now that's all I see 🙂

    I love the way you quilted it to highlight the patterns. And I love the bright colour, and your three button signature 🙂

    Happy Red indulging!

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