This is a very philosophical topic. Too much or not enough?  It is right up there with “Is the glass half-full or half-empty?”  I think a person is one or the other.  No matter how hard I try I seem to remain a half-empty person while T.H. is a half-full person.  You would think this would logically translate over to the “too many/not enough discussion.”  Except then we switched sides.  I am definitely a “not enough” girl and he is a “too many” guy.  The subject was dogs.  I know,  very deep subject. Forgive me if you can’t follow my logic, I barely can.
 Here’s what started this discussion (mostly in my head). Meet Jazz, the Super Bowl Party Crasher.
 Showed up cold, hungry, tired whining at the door of our hunting lodge in town Super Bowl night. T.H. let her in, fed her some pizza, she crawled up onto a chair and fell asleep. He brought her home.  I did the deed for two weeks. Phone calls, signs, etc looking for her owners.  It is obvious that someone dumped her.  That happens frequently in the country.  She is a 6-9 month old lab, very sweet, very easy and very smart. T.H. started taking her everywhere until I could find her owners or find her a new home.
I was thinking that he was thinking “We have too many dogs to keep her”.  So a few weeks go by and I find her a potential home.  When I tell T.H. he gets a really sad look on his face. Please note that this is a man with a stone face and demeanor. (Otherwise known as a really stable human being) I was shocked!  Actually I felt it in my heart. A huge pang of love. I said “You want to keep her don’t you?”
 He said “We have too many dogs”
So here goes my logic on that subject. You might want to tighten your cinches.
How many dogs is too many? Who gets to make up that rule? God? The President? We have over a thousand acres here and I am a grown up woman. I make my own rules. Let’s take a brief inventory of dogs.  First of all “We” don’t have any dogs. “I” have 3, but technically “one”.
Misti, a 10 yr old Jack Russell. My daughter’s dog growing up.  Lives with me since college. Technically not my dog even though graduation was 3 years ago and she asked for her back and I said no. Misti is like not having a dog because she never minds anyone, and only wants to be petted about once a week. However, she had a job here and that is to keep the cats off of the porch and some minor varmint control.
Rare photo of Misti being kind to a child.
 Then there is Tip.  Technically he doesn’t count either because he is retired. He is like not having a dog.  He has been my companion for 12 years since he was born in my house in Wyoming. Now he mostly just hangs out and eats everything he can get and keeps the porch from blowing away.  
Always happy, barks at anyone driving up. Never does anything wrong. So technically like not having a dog.
I let him lay in the flower bed in the summer to stay cool.
 Technically there is only one that I count. I have one dog, Puncher. She is the only one that has an actual useful job on the ranch.  Her job is to be photogenic and provide me with blogging material.

Packing firewood

Checking water level while looking cute.


Posing for corny pictures

Teaching new dogs how to act.
Helping me learn how to train my first cowdog.



So TH is keeping Jazz as his dog. I can tell he is so tickled with her. “Stone man” gets silly and happy with her and my heart makes that “happy thump” when I watch them.


So how many is too many??  I’m saying not enough. And that is why I felt it the opportune time to tell TH I had bought another cow puppy to train.  “WHAT!”
Timing is everything.
Meet “Doc”. Cowdog #2. Subject of many future blogs. I’ll pick him up next week.
Like I said timing is everything.
Love,  Cowgirl Red  aka  Terah
PS  TH & I are going to Honduras for a week. I’m taking all my technical gadgets. You may or may not hear from me. I try.
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  1. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    I didn't know that anyone could have too many dogs. While I have only one I guess I shouldn't say much but I only live on a small city lot. If I had your acerage I would probably have a huge pack. I just found your blog. Your writing is delightful and your pillows are beeuuutiful. I can't wait to see how your artsy self is grows, changes and is expressed.

  2. nanke's stuff says:

    I love this post, and I love your dogs! We only have one (right now), and when I suggest getting another one because Abby is pretty darn old, my sweetie says things like, "But I don't want Abby to feel bad …. she likes being the special queen". All true. You clearly don't have too many dogs, and the new baby is adorable! nancy

  3. pluckychickenheart says:

    If I had your land Terah I would have a bunch of dogs too. And cats. Lots. Jazz is a lucky dog. I commend you on your timing re Doc. I'm in awe. Taking notes for the future. LOL!

    Check Mate, baby!

  4. They are each so special. You have the room and the means–go for it! Heck, five is not enough for a dog baseball team–maybe you need a few more–ROFL!

    That is soooo sweet that TH has fallen in love with Jazz!! And a new pup coming–whoohoo!! I do expect lots of pictures. 😉

    Have fun on your trip!

  5. Catherine says:

    What can I say Terah, she looks just my Miffy Dora that I rescued as a pup and loving nursed day and night back to healthy dog life and she then adopted my Dad…. Miffy Dora lived a very happy 17 years going to the Pub with my Dad… you just had to keep her …Oh and girl utter respect on the timing…love it.. how could TH aka Stone Face refuse….

  6. Morgane says:

    Mom, this was a great blog! LMAO!! You are too funny!
    P.S. I miss those little stinkers. 🙂

  7. Lille Diane says:

    OMGosh, too friggin' cute!! I think they are just right, just like Mama Bear's porridge. Plus we all know the other true story… "If Mama ain't happy…ain't nobody happy…four legged or two legged.

    Can't wait to hear about your trip! I heart you and all your pups!

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