My new horse shoer came out on Saturday. A younger guy. Jake. He drove 50 miles to get here.
 I wanted everything to be perfect so if we get along he will come back.
It is nearly impossible lately to a.) find a shoer and b.) get one to drive out here.
My old “old” shoer quit me last month. He shod Paint’s front feet and then told me that was good enough for now. Also that Pard didn’t need shoes because he had black feet. 
 Translated: ” I don’t want to shoe your horses anymore”.
Saturday was rainy and cold.Would he even show up? I tied the horses in the barn.
We usually shoe outside. I hoped  the noise and wind on the tin barn wouldn’t make them jumpy.
Remember, I want everything perfect so he will come back.

 He pulled up on time at 8AM. So far so good.  He went right to work.

The flash is turned off on my camera. Thus trying not to booger the horses.
Remember, I want everything perfect so he will come back.
Here are some slightly blurry images of what goes on while the horses are being shod.
Don’t forget, I want everything to be perfect so he will come back.

My 3 young dogs are penned up. Little white dog is not penned simply because I cannot catch her. I don’t want her in here.That is why she is in here. She knows I won’t yell at her in front of him. I’m praying that she doesn’t take off screaming after a barn cat underneath a horse.
Remember, I want everything to be perfect so he will come back.
One of the benefits of having a young-er horse shoer.  Just my opinion.

Pard’s front feet. Before he clenched the nails. Looking good!

Old dog Tip  putting a sneak on me. I don’t mind him. He’s old. He knows the drill.

This is what the dogs are after. Very gross. They love it.
More powerful than crack-cocaine. Hey, “Hoof-Crack”.  Get it?

The farrier is every ranch dog’s new BFF. They simply can’t get enough.

More sneaking. Every time I see her I whisper-shout “Get Out!”
The horses ignore her like she ignores me. Her attention is completely off the cats and onto snagging some more “hoof-crack”. I want everything to be perfect so he will think I’m the kind of woman that can control her dogs. That is why I shut up now.

Barn cat not so sure.

Misti circles back around on her tippy-toes.

This dog  has never obeyed me in her life. Why start now? I don’t whisper-shout anything to her anymore.
My horses are being good. By now I really like Jake and the way he handles them
By now he is probably figuring out that I am mildly eccentric. 

Finishing up on Paint. I am crazy about my new horse shoer!! Paint is so relaxed I thought he might fall asleep. I can tell by my horses’ reaction to him. That is all I need to know.
Remember, I hope he comes back.

I just love Pardner. He needs equal space on my blog.

There is a lot of bending over in horse shoeing. Not a career to carry a guy into his golden years.

I really like the way Jake handles my horses. He is quiet and easy.
They stood really nice for him. Did I already say that?
Did I say I want everything to be perfect so he will come back.!

I asked him for a snapshot for my blog. He said “That’s a first” and wasn’t sure what to think.
I said “Welcome to my world!” 
 He said “I guess if you live out here you can make your world whatever you want it to be.” 
Hmm…. And he’s a life coach too!  I gave him an extra $50 for that gem
Love,  Cowgirl Red   aka Terah
PS I think I went too far with the snapshot. Just in case, I threw in some more “boot” to lure him back.  Bass fishing, bring your horse, rope some steers, ride in the arena, I’ll make lunch. Too much? I really want him to come back.
PSS Full disclosure… we met Jake last fall when he did some cowboy “day work “for us. He is the one in this picture on the far left. The guy with his rope around that large bull’s neck whilst the other cowboys are chatting away unconcerned. I already knew he was a cool cucumber.
He did say he will be back to give me some more life-coaching sessions.
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  1. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    I wouldn't mind being coached by this young fellow. I don't have horses though so there is not much reason fro him to come way over here. I will just ride vicariously.

  2. Cowgirl Red says:

    Lisa, Thanks for visiting my world. Come along for the ride anytime. xoxo Terah

  3. Awesome pictures. Fun to take a peek into another person's "normal"…especially when it is so different than our own!! Your animals are all precious.

  4. Fantastic mix of words and imagines to tell a great story! Horse shoer and life coach? Bonus!

    I really enjoyed this slice of your day … I always dreamed of having my own horse, so this is the next best thing for a city girl (who is also a red and lives on the prairie 🙂

    xo Lis

  5. Ha! Some critters will never listen to humans come hell or high water. LOL!

    Hoof-crack! I am still thinking about that one! I mean, it makes sense knowing the dog treats they sell, but I never would have thought about it. This is such vicarious fun for me, I can't tell you. I love visiting your world.

    Well, he sure looks like somebody who is good at his job and I bet he turns into your new shoer. 😉

  6. pluckychickenheart says:

    Hoof crack! LOL! Okay. he looks super cute and if he can keep the horses that calm maybe you could throw in a pillow to seal the deal. Now I have one more question 'cause I'm kind of a nut on the subject but the snap you took of him appears to have lots of orbs surrounding him. Lots. I don't think its lense dirt because nothing shows up in the other pictures. Could you enlarge this pic so I can look in more detail. Its super cool. He seems to have some excellent energy!

  7. Cowgirl Red says:

    Rita, Thanks, He is so good with my horses.

    Mari, That is so interesting. I will send you a pic via facebook. xoxo Terah


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