The part of America where we live is called “The Heartland”
Rightfully so.  Days like this tell me why it’s The Heartland because I feel it in my heart.   
TH and I took a drive up north to check on the steers we sent to the feedlot in November.
Just some snapshots I took.
Crystal blue clear skies are a staple in The Heartland.
They are fixing the wind tower.  The Feedlot gets over half their electricity from wind. Lord knows there’s plenty of it in The Heartland. Notice those little black and white dots at the base of the tower.
Those are cattle (for perspective) This gets me in the heart. We’re trying to be green.

TH on the phone as we walk into the office. TH, another product of The Heartland.
He always gets me in the heart.

Now I’m starting to get a little teary at this site. The top of the feed mill. Old Glory flying that high really warms up my heart. It’s not a hot flash.

The feed mill from the ground up (for perspective). 
 This is where they mix up all the feed to feed thousands of cattle every day.
Kind of gets me right in the heart again.

Our steers.  “Hi guys. How’s it goin’?  They treatin’  you OK?”

“Yep”  Our steers at the dinner table. My heart bursts with pride.

   HA!  Not one of our steers. Made you laugh didn’t I?
Not a native of  The Heartland. 
No habla English.  Where’s your greencard?

Love,       Cowgirl Red aka  Terah

PS  From the Heartland………Feeding the World….with heart and soul.

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  1. That wind keeps going west right through Fargo. 😉

    Thanks so much for sharing your world, lady. You warm my heart! 😉

  2. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Love that country living. I hope you don't blow away. The wind has been whipping through here at 34+mph since yesterday. I know those guys wouldn't be working on that turbine in these conditions. Whew.

  3. Cowgirl Red says:

    Rita, We sent you some hot wind yesterday. Today you are returning the favor with that cold northern wind.

    Lisa, No wind that day. Rare here.

    Thanks for reading. Terah

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