Yesterday morning, T.H. made a casual comment to me that “We have 3 too many dogs now”. I wonder which dogs he considers superfluous?  Obviously he hasn’t read my blog post about too many or not enough dogs in which I fully explained my logic. My magical thinking that turns 5 dogs into 1.
I’m pondering on which ones he considers superfluous. (Not really. I know. I just don’t care.)  Here is the context of the conversation that produced that casual comment:
Between us we have 4 adult children. They have dogs. The kids are all self supporting living on their own (mostly).  We do not to have any “Boomerang Kids”.
 We have “Boomerang Dogs”. 
 Boomerang Dog #1:  Misti.  My baby girl went to college 6 years ago. Misti is still here. She did ask for her back last year.  I said no.
Boomerang Dog #2: Willie.  T.H.’s Baby Girl goes to college last year. Willie moves in. 3 months later she asks for her dog back. I said “THANK GOD!! ” Willie wore out his welcome before he ever arrived. He is the canine equivalent of that “weirdo cousin or uncle” that you have to include because he’s family. But he wears out his welcome by all of his inappropriate behavior, lack of intelligence. Like barking, chasing cats, tearing up everything.
Boomerang Dog #3: Patch.  #1 Son’s dog. Patch actually used to be my dog. He didn’t work out for cattle. I gave him to #1 Son after we lost his dog whilst dog-sitting (don’t ask).
It seems that T.H.’s 3 kids are all moving into a place together in Colorado. Unfortunately (for me) their landlord only allows 2 dogs. I do the math.
 I ask T.H. ….No,….  I plead with T.H. “You did not offer…did you?”  
 He said  “No, I did not” …… Me thinks he doth protest too much.
  I said “Which one?”
Love,  Cowgirl Red   aka  Terah
P.S. And the winner is………………….ME!  Because I got Patch back and weirdo cousin “Willie” is now a resident of Colorado.
 And we now have 6 dogs. According to TH that is 4 too many dogs.  Technically, I have only 2.
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  1. I think you're better off without Weird Willie, but the rest seem to be a family fit. If there are four to many then is it his four dogs that are the "too many"? 😉 Love the photos of your boomerang dogs. LOL!

  2. Catherine... says:

    Lol,,,, and Willie looks so cute….. I have a dastardly plan….. put horns on the tooo many boomerang dogs and "voila" moo cows… TH will never know the difference… he may even think they are a new breed….. "smaller beef variety" pet size … for people with balconies who want to think they are living on the prairie…..

    My Baby Girl returned recently from your neck of the woods with a t-shirt that says "Don't Mess With Texas"…. if all else fails go with that slogan obviously change the Texas with Terah… my plans can not fail…. have a good weekend Terah…

  3. So great…love the story! Susie

  4. Cowgirl Red says:

    Thanks for reading. Xoxo terah

  5. pluckychickenheart says:

    Lucky Dogs!!!


    ( weirdo willie…hehehehehehehehhe…..MOIST! )

  6. SIX dogs??? Oh…how I would love to have that many. Love it!!!

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