I have debated (with myself)  about what to do with the front porch this year. I love flowers and pots. However, there are several factors working against me;
          1. It has forgotten to rain this year.
          2. It has already been 100 degrees.
          3. It will continue to be 100 degrees.
          4. The wind has not stopped blowing since Christmas.
          5. I have 5 dogs and a few cats that like to congregate on the porch.
          6. I don’t want to spend my summer trying to get plants to live.
 I decided to decorate with color and fabric instead of expensive flowers that are going to croak anyway. Or constantly get knocked over by a black and white dogs.
I bought some cheap new cushions for the wicker chairs. The striped fabric is a shower curtain that I bought just for the fabric for 50% off at a local gift shop. The blue gingham and red bandanna is from my stash. Obviously my color scheme is red, white and blue.

I cut and stitched these rectangles to make some little flags to hang off the eves of the porch. I sewed the top edge over and threaded a string through the opening. I’ll string it up on the hooks that we use for Christmas lights.

Did a quick and dirty job on some slip covers for the cushions.

Rugs on the floor and the wall are from a local hardware store. Cat is from humane society. The plants are fake. I feel a little cheesy about that.  Whatever. I’m already over it.

Voila! (Actually Memorial Day Weekend)
I did purchase two hanging baskets of red petunias.  If I forget to water them and they die, no biggie.  I feel very relieved  for giving myself permission to lighten the load this summer. We are in a severe drought. The hot wind blows like a blast furnace everyday.  I will honor myself by spending my precious cool early morning hours pursuing my passions. Dogs and horses, not gardening.
My precious afternoon hours are spent in my studio with the A/C on high.
Love,  Cowgirl Red      aka   Terah
P.S. This old farm house is around 100 years old and is biding time for an extreme makeover.

P.S.S In the spirit of keeping my creative glow moving, here is my next project……..already started.
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  1. Cute porch, looks very inviting! And good for you for starting right up with another project. You'll have to post it once it's done!

  2. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Your flags remind me of the prayer flags that some cultures use. Your porch looks very cheerful and inviting. We have gone from monsoon to drought here. Geez. I don't have as many pots planted up this year either. Your new flags and cushions are an inspiration. Sort of difficult to think about sitting out right now even though it is only 94F here.

  3. I love this post. You did what makes sense to you (and to me) and created a porch that is not only pretty but inviting. Plus, you have time to do what you want, not worry about plants that don't really have a chance to grow.

  4. What an ingenious solution! And your porch looks colorful and inviting as hell! I don't mind a few fake plants. They're easy to grow–LOL!!

    Now I'm wondering what your next project is going to be. 😉 Have fun with the dogs and horses and just relax on the porch in the mornings. Thank goodness for AC!! :):)

  5. Fairchild Farmgirl says:

    Looks great! I agree, who needs the darn plants! =)

  6. pluckychickenheart says:

    Dudette! You are on fire! Can I get some o dat?


  7. giddy up says:

    Nice job on the porch, love what you did! Wow, if we could only have some heat and less rain… but I have always preferred the heat over rain. If I could, I would send you some of our rain…

  8. Morgane says:

    I love those fabrics! Gorgeous!!!!!

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