Julia Cameron  “Julia” to me.  I’m a huge fan(atic) of Julia’s.  I feel like I know her well enough to be on a first name basis because I own most of her books, I’ve read them, and I stalked her once. Last fall I bumped into her at Starbuck’s in Santa Fe.  I stalked her for many blocks trying to get the courage to say HI to her. I just wanted her to know how much she means to me.  Mercifully, I did not catch up to her.  
Julia, since we didn’t get to chat that day, here are some snapshots of my Artist’s Altar. 
 The Sacred Creative Space that you helped me build.  

“This haven can be a corner of a room, a nook under the stairs, even a window ledge.  It is a reminder and an acknowledgement of that fact that our creator unfolds our creativity.  Fill it with things that make you happy. Remember that your artist is fed by images. We need to unlearn our old notion that spirituality and sensuality don’t mix.  An artist’s altar should be a sensory experience. ” Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way
Julia, this is where I sit and read your books. And write my morning pages.  And meditate. And by the way, thank you for the morning pages.
“Morning pages are a meditation, a practice that bring you to your creativity and your creator, God. In order to stay easily and happily creative, we need to stay spiritually centered. This is easier to do if we allow ourselves centering rituals. It is important that we devise these ourselves from the elements that feel holy and happy to us.”    Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way

I wanted to tell you about my holy and happy rituals.

“Many blocked creatives grew up in punitively religious homes.  For us to stay happily and easily creative, we need to heal from this, becoming spiritually centered through creative rituals of our own. A spiritual room or a spiritual corner is an excellent way to do this.” Julia Cameron

Julia,  I persevered and hired the handy “wo-man” to build my creative sanctuary. I honored myself by not waiting for someone to do it for me. My altar to my Creator is an antique cobblers bench. You would just love it! 
“An artist’s altar should be a sensory experience. ” Julia Cameron

“We are meant to celebrate the good things of this earth. Pretty leaves, rocks, candles, sea treasures—all remind us of our creator.”  Julia Cameron

Julia, I was dying to tell you about my altar stuff.  Vintage button jar, my college sorority photo, silver barrette with our brand, turquoise beads and pearls, ocean coral, antique bobbins and spools, hand spun alpaca yarn, crystal doorknob, vintage batik.  It’s my offering of gratitude. 

Remember, the artist child speaks the language of the soul…Your artist’s altar to the creator should be fun to look at, even silly. “

Card and pencil box from my baby girl, handmade Jamaican doll, vintage shears, deer antler found yesterday, favorite jewelry. 

“Small rituals, self-devised, are good for the soul.  All of these tactile, physical techniques reinforce spiritual growth.” Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way.

Julia, I was going to tell you all about my little rituals of laying the fabric out and praying and meditating and waiting for my muse.  Everything I learned from the The Artists Way.
Julia, when I stalked you that day in Santa Fe,  I was going to say…… Thanks.
Love,   Cowgirl Red     aka   Terah
P S I did write her a note and receive a reply via her website, www.theartistsway.com  It’s a treasure.

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  1. giddy up says:


    What great inspiration, thanks for sharing your alter and your work table… beautiful!


  2. Catherine... says:

    I'm fully centred now Terah, thank you… the Artist's way is gently nudging me to my morning coffee…… Do love your alter girl…..

  3. Cowgirl Red says:

    Thanks Karen. Catherine, happy to be of service. 😉 xoxo terah

  4. Ahhh! Julia!! I've done "The Artist's Way" twice. Also "Walking In This World" and "The Sound of Paper". Was doing the Morning Pages for a couple of years, got out of the habit when I went to college in 1999, but did have a small table that was my sacred space filled with goodies. Started up the morning pages again using an old laptop when I moved here to Fargo in 2005–but when the laptop died and I lost almost two years of morning pages…never did start up again. (I learned about backing up your computer info, tho, and that Morning Pages really need to be written by hand–LOL!)

    I have to say that, living alone, my entire apartment has become my sacred space. No lie! I really do think of my little spot in the world here as my private sanctuary…well, that I share with Miss Karma, of course. I am at peace here–contented. Who would have ever thought pain and illness and being housebound would have brought me that, eh? Huge silver lining. :):)

    Anyways, I absolutely LOVE your space, your table, your goodies, your chair, and how you lay out your fabric…so you. Thanks so much for sharing your private space with us. And I'm glad you got a response from Julia. 😉

  5. Morgane says:

    Very beautiful and so you Mom. I love it. I also love that you put some of the stuff I gave you on there. 🙂

  6. Paula - Buenos Aires says:

    Lovely altar, it´s certainly a sensory experience with so many textures and shapes. Enjoy the process. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this link with me.

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