After the unfortunate Devil Horse episode with Pardner , 
 I spent the last month riding him every day.
We became reacquainted. I thought we were friends again.
   I thought we were having fun.
We didn’t attend any more silly horse shows.
I thought we had really bonded.
I have a problem though. It keeps forgetting to rain.
 And it’s been 105 in the shade…. everyday…by high noon.
And the wind feels like a blast furnace straight out of hell.
And……. I can’t take it anymore!!!!

All that extra riding I do for pleasure
is currently most un-pleasurable.
There’s no grass left in the horse pasture.
I made the executive decision to turn Pard out for awhile.
Paint and I escorted him out to find our old “Pensioner” Jake.
Paint and Pard have been together a long time.
I suspected a crow bar would be necessary to separate them. 
 I was wrong.
Old Jake popped out of the shade whinnying like a colt.

Pard galloped off, never glancing back once.
It looks like he’s tattling on me to the old man.
“She’s soooo mean to me. You won’t believe it when I tell you.”
“She gets me up at daylight and and makes me do stuff I don’t wanna do.”
“It’s not fair!”

He proceeds to give us the cold shoulder. 
Walked right by us and never looked up. 
That was four days ago.  I’ve not seen one trace of him since. 
Love,   Cowgirl Red        and Pard…..wherever you are.
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  1. Catherine... says:

    Ungrateful mare…you'll see, the minute you have something Pard wants he'll be back all smiles, as if nothing has happened…..I'm keeping my fingers crossed for rain for you and us….lots of thunder and lighting two nights ago and three large dolloops of rain then nothing…

  2. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    That Pard is a rascal. Maybe he just wanted a vacation. You are quite the trooper getting up so early to be out before it is HOT. I will do a rain dance for you all the while praying for rain.

  3. It almost makes me cry to see it so dry there when all the critters need the green so badly and we have had so much rain that seeing storm clouds rolling in almost makes us cry. We've had record rainfall and about a quarter of the ND fields were never planted. This is a disaster for the farmers up here. We are on opposite sides of a rain disaster, I guess. If I could FedEx a buttload of it down there for you, I would.

    Anyways, I loved the pictures! You can tell they have really missed each other! That was visual horse-joy!! :):)

  4. pluckychickenheart says:

    ACH! I just posted on your wall before I read this! So the lack of rain is affecting you guys. Man this crazy weather SUCKS.


  5. art2cee2 says:

    Love these photos. The one with the horse peeking out is fantastic! 🙂

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