Fresh off our  last successful mission , Puncher and I were quickly assigned a new one. The next morning, T.H. and I were drinking our coffee, visiting about the day ahead….

TH:”Are you  gonna ride today?” I ride everyday.
Me: “Yes”. Here it comes.
TH: “Why don’t you ride over on the West side and check the cows for me.  I haven’t been over there in a few days. I’m swamped.”
Me: “Sure”.
A few more minutes spent conversing.
Me: “What do you usually do when you go check the cows?”
TH: (Deep sigh, eye roll)
TH: “You know. You’ve done this forever.” (majorly irritated)
I ask not because I’m clueless. I ask because when I return, there will be a test. A pop quiz administered by TH himself.  And this time, I’m studying for it. I’ll even cheat if I have to. That said, I change my approach.
Me: “Oh hon, I’m just making conversation. I love it when we sit here drinking coffee and talking like this in the morning”  I’m gagging on my sing song voice.
TH: (Audible groan)
TH: “Well first I find ’em. (sarcasm) Then I look for anything bawling, not mothered, tight bags, sick calves, count the bulls, make sure they’re with the cows doin’ their job. Make sure mineral tubs aren’t empty. You know all this.” Head shaking.
So far so good.
Me:”How many bulls?”
TH: “Oh…. 2 or 3”
Dammit!!!!  A trick question. He’s on to me!

TH: “Look for broken or sore ******’s (translation: “bull thingy”) Get a count on the cows if you can”
Alrighty then…….Can’t say I didn’t know what the test was going to cover.

Me:”Can I take Puncher?” I never ask permission to take Puncher. I’m blowing smoke and searching for extra credit points.
TH: “Keep her back and don’t let her chase the cows”.  As if!
We ride out. Chase cows without permission? Does he even know us?
First task. We find them. No brainer.

Second task. We ride through them. No chasing.

Third task I forgot already.
I am immersed in the serenity of the moment. I forget to keep studying for the quiz.
Back to the books. I don’t see any tight bags, sick calves. Nothing’s bawling.
I don’t really count the cows. I’m cheating on this one. I know where his tallybook is.
This girl looks a little thin and lonely. I write down her number for my extra credit points.
As for the bulls.
What can I say?
There appears to be 2.
And unfortunately for them only one Party Girl today.
I’m looking for the broken “bull thingies”.  Like I would know.  Like I would want to know.
“Thingy” appears to not be broken.
I am now fully prepared for my exam.
T.H. and I meet up back at the house for lunch….I wait…..I make lunch…. I wait some more….. I have my cheat-sheet in my pocket…. We talk……. Come on’ baby ask me something….  We eat…… I even wrote on my hand……..Anything , anything at all…. I’m ready………I have pictures….He leaves…..I even bought the Cliff Notes Dammit!!!……

Love,  Cowgirl Red.  aka  Terah
P S  I’ll bet it’s going to be on the final.
PSS  Serious note. I’m sure it’s evident we have had no rain. It’s usually green and lush here in June. The cattle are a little stressed and so are we.  I will do a naked rain dance and post it on YouTube if we could just get 2 inches of rain.
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  1. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    I almost didn't read this post because I can tell you I don't do well on tests. I get brain freezes. It is worse now that I am older too. I am glad I read this post though. Puncher is a good dog. I would pay good money to see that Utube rain dance. tee hee.

  2. OMG!! Still chuckling@no broken thingie! 😉

    It does look soooo peaceful out there–but dry. Wish I could send you some of the nearly constant rain we've had over here. We could use some dry! Puncher is so well behaved. Love the videos, too!

    And T.H. didn't even ask!?? Does that mean he totally trusts you or that he is forgetful? ROFL!! 😉

  3. Cowgirl Red says:

    Lisa, no rain, no dance on YouTube…yet

    Rita, I think the answer would be forgetful. Maybe preoccupied. If something had been wrong I would have told him. Very unlike him not to ask me a bunch of questions I don't think to look at while I'm out there.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. Xoxo terah

  4. T.H. & Big D would be good friends…he does this to me a lot!
    Fairchild farmgirl

  5. Catherine... says:

    Lol, am keeping my fingers crossed for you… for when the test comes…. because it will…. so glad the bull's thingy is not broken and working well….


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