My  horse shoer broke up with me yesterday.  I’m really busted up about it.
 In fact, I’m devastated.
If I still drank, I’d be drunk right now. 

This is the most upsetting break up I’ve ever experienced.
And I’ve been married three times.
 (My perspective may be off slightly due to all that drinking)
It’s not like I’m going to egg his car or turn him into the IRS or anything.
 I have evolved since then.

I thought everything was perfect.  Where did I go wrong?

The horses love him.  The dogs love him….  I love him.
He drove out last night to shoe both horses. In 100 degree heat.
That man is a cowboy.

I sat down in the shade of the Cottonwood to talk while he was working.
I brought him some mint tea. (Not plain old sun tea)

He was so casual. “Did you hear I was quitting shoeing?”
That’s what hurts the most.    The “casualness” of it all.
Like I’m merely one of his ordinary customers.

“You mean you quit everyone but me. Right?”
 He has to know how I feel about him?
Doesn’t he read my blog. (March 2011 Horseshoer Come Back) ?
Doesn’t he know about us?

He has a day job as a oil company land man. A good career going. 
 The shoeing got him this far.  Now he wants to spend time on “my own stuff” he says. 
Yes, but what about my stuff?  
I beg of yoooouuuu…. don’t say goodbye!….Please give our love another try… 
Think of all that we’ve been through….Cause breakin up is ….
(I’m channelling Neil Sedaka and I don’t know if he’s dead or not) 

You quit everyone? ……At any price? (prepared to up the ante)

You are just taking care of you own stuff?

You mean you are giving up taking care of me to take care of you?
(I did not say that out loud)

I told you he was a good Life Coach .

And good “Horse Hypnotist” which is better than a “Horse Whisperer”.

I’ve paid a few of gurus alot of money for the equivalent of that gem.

Never apologize for taking care of your own stuff first.
I wished him well and got a big ol’ sweaty hug.
 He was my horse shoer. He remains my friend.
Love,    Cowgirl Red    aka   Terah
P.S.  I may drive over and Toilet Paper his house tonight though. Wanna come?
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  1. Neil is still alive. I googled him and he's 72, but I don't think he'd mind you channeling him–LOL!

    I know how much you loved this guy's way with your horses. He was so good! You can tell by the photos that he puts all the animals at ease and totally deserves mint tea. What a shame for you and yours, but I wish him well on his path.

    Now–how hard is it to find another one?? Awk!

  2. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    And he is so easy on the eyes. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be so good at something that people beg you not to quit. Sigh~~ I wish him well. I wish you and yours well too. Finding a new Shoer will be difficult. People with horses around here say it is a dieing art.

  3. Cowgirl Red says:

    Rita, yes he has good energy with the horses and dogs. And people too. Thanks for the update on Neil.

    Lisa, yes easy on the eyes! That was a bonus. Very difficult to find one with such good horse mojo. Xoxo. Terah

  4. Catherine... says:

    Oh Terah, I'm so sorry that wonderful horse shoer man is going…how selfish of him…..I have so enjoyed seeing him/his work……:)….We can only hope that 1. He comes back or 2. His replacement is even more gorgeouser…at least you got a sweaty hug…..And don't you just hate it when they say "But we can still be friends"…pffff…

  5. B @ Sweet Limes says:

    I just picked up some TP yesterday at the grocery store, I'll join you in the fun if you don't leave without me!

  6. art2cee2 says:

    Sorry you are losing your farrier, but it happens. We had one for years and then he was gone. maybe you will find another one soon! By the way your horse is beautiful! 🙂

  7. creativepotager says:

    Did you say something about TP and a house Terah? Oh I suppose I shouldn't encourage you:)

    Great photographs by the way. Easy to tell with how relaxed the horses are why you are going to miss him.

  8. O. Mi. Gawd. Say it ain’t so. That face! Those cowboy buttocks! No more pics?? I am devastated too. I wish him well. ( hand on forehead )



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