I stated that the leopard print pillow I made last week was my favorite creation to date. That is no longer true. This leopard pillow is my new favorite creation to date on my Cowgirl Red Blog.   

  I used that same skirt for inspiration and the same technique.
I’m calling it “Reverse Applique”.

I placed the bias strips horizontally and chalked the design. I’m very drawn to primitive/geometric doodling.

Here are the front and back pieces in process.

 I violated my personal moral code again and used the cheap gold metallic thread I purchased from Walmart. It was of such poor quality that I switched to my more expensive gold thread.  Lesson learned.

 A close up of the detail. The gold and red thread is a light embroidery thread.
Higher quality thread does matter in sewing. The machine likes it better too.

There was no plan to start. I’m still developing my creative process.  I recognized when finished that these shapes and lines are the same “doodles” that I have been doing since grade school.  Hmmmmm.

 Here is the five-button closure . This time I only spent one minute choosing the buttons instead of two hours. I’m trying to cure my own BOCD (Button Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). I may need therapy.

 The pillows are similar but different.

 They could go together or apart.

I’m contemplating a plan for my designs. I may open and Etsy Store when I have 10 or 20 completed. Does anyone have suggestions or experience with that?     I would love to hear about it.

Love, Cowgirl Red     aka   Terah
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  1. These do go together even tho they are different. I love when you show the process.

    My DIL and I have an etsy shop. I help make things and help some with descriptions, but she takes care of the business end of things, photos, and the mailings. Once you get the store set up and get the hang of posting items it is pretty easy. And only 20 cents to post an item for something like three months, I think it was. They take a small percentage of the sale and if you have pay pal (which most of them do and I know nothing about that, either) they also take a small percentage on a sale, too. People come to etsy looking for handmade items or antiques, so you already have a select shopper.

    I think you'd like it! Your pillows are unique and beautiful! Would you make other things, as well? You should start thinking of a name for your shop!! :):)

  2. Cowgirl Red says:

    Thanks Rita, Good info for me. I would sell other Fiber Art that I make but most likely start with the pillows. I will call it Cowgirl Red if it's not already taken. xoxo Terah

  3. I think an Etsy shop is a great idea, though I do not know much about it. But it seems to be fairly easy from what I can tell. Good luck!!

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