BLUE is the theme for Creative Everyday Challenge 2011  month of July.

I took an Artist’s Date to Wichita last Saturday.
I found a delicious new (to me) fabric shoppe in the Delano District where I spent two hours and a few hundred dollars re-supplying my stash. The ladies at Material Girls Quilt Shoppe helped me find the backing for the red and purple quilt. I discovered these “Bali Pops”. Pre-cut packages of forty 2-1/2″ strips of batik with a color theme like “Green Tea” and “Sangria”.   I must have really liked them because I bought four. 

“Blue Hawaiian” was the name of the one I chose first.  I cut random lengths, mixed them up, and sewed them back together in a continuous loop. Much like you see in a braided rag rug.
It was fun and mindless. It is a moving meditation for me to sew and sew and sew without an agenda.

It ended up measuring 38 by 80. An oddly shaped oblong lap quilt perhaps?
Maybe a throw for the foot of the bed.
I think the icy blues and violets  may trick you into feeling cooler.

It’s freezing in here.
Love,  Cowgirl Red    aka  Terah
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  1. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    I am feelin the cool breeze now. It looks like you had a good time.

  2. Morgane says:

    Beautiful! I love the colors! Makes me want to go and cuddle up under my quilt!

  3. Heather says:

    Oh how I envy people that sew!!! So beautiful! Color of the fabrics are wonderful!

  4. sweet limes says:

    How wonderful that you got some time in on this blue quilt. Did you do blue because it's the theme for CED right now or did you have this planned already? Batiks make such great quilts don't they?

  5. Cowgirl Red says:

    Thanks everyone! Bee, I did it for CED. I thought it would be fun to do something for the theme. Now I want to do another one. I love batiks too. I can't get enough of them in every color. xoxo Terah

  6. ArtMuseDog and Carol says:

    Wonderful quilt ~ so creative! ~ thanked for coming by my blog and commenting ~ namaste ~ enjoy ^_^

  7. Anna Circo says:

    Love the batiks! The colors are beautiful and refreshing. I want to shop too! 🙂

  8. Gorgeous blues!! What a wonderful quilt!!!

  9. Julie Jordan Scott says:

    ohmigawsh. I am blown away by your talent!!! Ohhhh, how I wish I could do that!!!

    drooling, drooling, green envy eyes flashing in wonder!!!

  10. I love the way you just jump in and sew–and end up with such beautiful things!! This is so very pretty. They have gorgeous fabrics there. I bet you will be back again soon! Just beautiful-beautiful-beautiful! :):)

  11. Cynthia Eloise says:

    beautiful, i love the colors.

  12. An Altered Wonderland says:

    this is just so beautiful. I envy your ability to sew. great job.

  13. the spirit that moves me says:

    I absolutely love it. The colours are stunning. I made half of a quilt about 10 years ago, and never went back to it, but it's something I've always wanted to do.

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