This little white dog and I have much in common. Misti and I are both women of a certain age. We want to help but mostly we want everyone to do things our way. We arrive uninvited and try to rearrange situations to suit ourselves.  We are offended when the very people we are trying to help are offended by us. (I have officially become my mother) Then when asked to leave we are first indignant….then embarrassed…. and ultimately relieved.  Don’t be confused. This story (my story) is told by the expressions on the face of a little white dog. Here’s what happened to her the other morning.
T.H. and I went over to cattle pens to work some steers. Misti arrives uninvited. (I forgot to put her up)  She starts trying to rearrange things to suit herself. (All hell broke loose) She’s chasing and barking and biting.  T.H. is yelling at me to get a hold of her. The only way I caught her is because she ran into my leg trying to get away from him.  I scooped her up under my arm and held her with a vice grip.

Now as you watch this 8 second video, imagine the scene just prior when she was on the ground.  You see, Misti is easily excited and overheated. (I relate to that.)  She has a way of doing things that seem perfectly logical to her. (I concur.)  She can’t control herself sometimes. BINGO.


Well now I am in a bit of a pickle.  I need to keep helping T.H. but I have a Tazmanian She-Devil under my left arm.  T.H. is getting more aggravated by the second.  I can’t put her down. I don’t have anything to tie her up with. I can’t keep helping him with a barking alligator on my hip. Hey, there’s the stock tank. It’s only half full. I’ll stick her in there to cool her jets.  She won’t drown and it will take her awhile to figure out how to escape.  Good thinking on my part.

I plop her in there.  She is so surprised and upset that she starts flailing around swimming in circles.

She thinks I tried to drown her.  At least she’s is quiet now.
 “Hey, Misti,  settle down.  You can touch”
“I can?”
“Oh,….. I can!”
“Hey,  you guys need me to do something?”
I see myself in Misti.  Quite regularly.
Yet, I am reassured by the presumption that T.H. cannot lift me high enough to dump me in the stock tank.  Can he?
Love,  Cowgirl Red    aka  Terah
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  1. OMG! This is so cute–and how true, how true! Love the videos!! I almost felt like I was right there with alligator dog on my own hip. 😉

    You are a great storyteller, Lady!

  2. You funny girl. Of course he can throw you into the tank. Anyone that wrangles steers could. Don't give him any ideas. Of course it would probably feel good anyway and don't forget you could touch bottom.

  3. Thanks Rita and Lisa. xoxo Terah

  4. OMG love that bark! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new banner! Did you paint it? Its gorgeous.


  5. Thanks Mari, I had the logo designed on a contest from .
    It was fun. I would say the winner really got me. xoxo T

  6. I should have gone to bed hours ago but when I saw your notice for a new post come in. well, let's just say I'm glad I stopped by 🙂

  7. Lol…. love the expression on poor Misti's face…. love the new logo…

  8. Oh my gosh…. what a great story… I too love your new banner!

  9. Hahahaha!! I love my Misti! She is such a little stinker!



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