I will say it again….
This is my most favorite-est project to date.
I see a pattern developing here.
My first real “commissioned” piece is for my cousin and dear friend, Karen.
She asked me to make two pillows for her mom, (My Aunt Kaye) for her birthday.
I think she’s turning 85 next month.
I know Aunt Kaye and her love of bright colors. Karen said her bedroom is bright pink and green.  That is the only direction she gave me for the project. Visions of hot pink and lime green did a jitterbug in my imagination during my road trip to  Material Girls Quilt Shoppe . Within 15 feet of the front door,  there it was!  Summer House series by Moda.  It screamed the essence of Aunt Kaye.  I bought 3 full yards and seven fat quarters. No fuss, no muss, no plan.
I don’t really have “A Process“. I’m learning to trust my artist’s intuition and hope for the best.  I lay the fabric out on my work table and stare at it for a couple days.  Then in true “Johnny Depp/Edwards Scissorhands” mode, I start cutting let ’em fly.
 I stitch the pieces together with organized randomness.
Soon I have the two pillows framed up. Wow, do I ever have a lot of fabric left over.  I never measure anything.  I just estimate and hope for the best.  Well, the best is yet to come on this project.
I have enough for a lap quilt to match the pillows.  A little more “Edward Scissorhands” action is required. I proceed to the “madly stitching” phase and finish it with a bright green border.
“No Fabric Left Behind” is my motto.
 I just forgot I had to back the quilt.
Oh well, I ordered the backing online.
I quilt the pillows myself with the darn darning foot that came with my Bernina.
  Note to self for the umpteenth time:
Order a free motion quilting foot  ..NOW!”
I loop it around and around.
It’s like doodling with a sewing machine.
I am reminded why I usually don’t take photos outside.
Some detail of the vintage button closures.
I would be embarrassed to show you my collection of vintage buttons.
It is growing exponentially.
Hi Momma Kitty  !
Everyone who knows her will say…
 ” That is Aunt Kaye! “
The lap quilt top.
The backing fabric came right away.
  As soon as my new presser foot gets here I am going to quilt this thing myself.
Stay tuned… My first attempt at free hand quilting.
Love,  Cowgirl Red    aka   Terah
P.S.  I never know whether the proper term is “Free Hand Quilting”  or “Free Motion Quilting”.  I think it means the same thing.
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  1. I want to swim in thee colors! Fantastic Terah.

  2. " these"

  3. Quilting terms are a mystery to me. It is no mystery that this is a great project and your Auntie will love it. Those colors are so cheerful.

  4. Terah, these are GORGEOUS! What a great set. You'd better get on that ordering of a free motion foot for your machine, I have one and I swear you are going to love it!

    Great header btw, haven't been by in a bit so that just popped right out at me, it's so YOU, I just adore it.

  5. These are fabulous!! I love that she gets a matching set of pillows and a quilt throw. She should love them. You are so talented, Lady! 🙂

    Love-love all the kitties!!!

    Oh, and I hope you get whatever foot you need for your machine. 🙂

  6. Beautiful post, I was so caught up in the beautiful fabrics, the process of you work, the vintage buttons, kitty's, your outdoor space and finally those lovely pillows and quilt…oh my I was taken away to your studio, your ranch life and what a perfect place it is! Thank you! Your Aunt will be thrilled!

  7. Thanks ladies for all your nice comments. xoxo Terah

  8. Good choice to trust your artist intuition – this is so amazing. The colors and stitching are just inspiring!

  9. Love the colors on these pillows!

  10. lovely the colors are so pretty

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