This old dog.  My dog, Tip.
The spot where I usually find him.
If I can find him.
He’s been at my feet or behind my horse for 13 years.
He went on his last cattle drive a year ago.
Tip and I have been through a lot in our life.
 He’s on his second husband. I’m on my third.
We raised a daughter together and put her through college.
He’s seen a myriad of dogs, horses and cowboys come and go.
Yet, he has remained by my side.
That’s why when he quit riding out with Paint and me, I just let him.
 I let him do whatever he wants to now.  He’s earned it.
The closest he’s been to the back of a horse in a year is when the shoer comes.
His conditioned response to my firing up the 4-wheeler is…
“See Ya!”
Consequently, when I run the dogs I never look back or even think about Tip.
We just fly.
The heat finally broke last week and mercifully, it even rained a little.
 I ran the dogs in the cool morning air. As I turned for home….
There was Tip!  He followed us!
 My old dog simply trotted up to me as if he does this everyday.
I was really excited to see him.
 I slowed down.  He was so happy.  I was so happy!!
My heart was full to the brim.  I wanted to cry.
Then I wonder if he has doggie-dementia and he forgot he doesn’t like to go?
He can’t hear anymore. We’ve communicated with sign language for quite some time.
It is a language of the heart.
Except in this moment, I forget he can’t hear.
Good Boy, Tippy. You still are the love of my life, Old Man.
Love,  Cowgirl Red   aka  Terah
P.S.   I take that back…..he did follow the 4-Wheeler once.  Just once.  When I was hauling a bag of dog food up from the barn to the house.  It was such an unusual event I had take a snapshot.  This old dog does love his groceries.
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  1. Awww! What a sweet dog! He must have been remembering how it used to be, like us old folks do–LOL! But the he got out there and actually did it again. Kudos, Tippy!! Great shots, Terah, and loved the video. Even if he couldn't hear the love in your voice, we could. 🙂

  2. Isn't Tip the one I want to paint by the flopwers? I've been meaning to ask you about this. =) I want to start painting in November. He should really by my first critter I paint. You remember the photo that I'm talking about right?

  3. I am always in for a great puppy story and you did the trick today! Love hearing about the trusted bond between you and Tip! What a precious life you all have, it warms my heart!

  4. What a sweetheart. He obviously appreciated the cooler weather too.

  5. Peggie Arvidson says:

    Made me tear up. I hate the aging part for our pets. I loved this so much.

  6. Thanks everybody. Your kind words mean so much to me and to Tip. I translated everything you said to him in sign language. xoxox Terah

  7. I'm am over from Rita's (SoulComfort's Corner) and I'm moved by this post.

    A good dog is a blessing – looks like Tip is loved as much as a dog can be.

  8. We live in a parallel life Miss Terah. Kind words you gave your Tip. Regards, Tammy

  9. So beautiful.

    Dog = God ….love in abundance. Love, Susie Curry

  10. Makes me smile. And cry. In a good way.


  11. What a beautiful post about your dear Tip. Friends like him are hard to come by.

  12. Terah ~ Saw the portrait of your sweet dog ~ I am so sorry ~ it is always hard to lose those we love ~ I have a dog myself and am an animal lover ~ hugs to you and your family


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