This year I have witnessed a huge shift in consciousness on this ranch regarding dogs and cattle. Specifically, T.H.’s regard for my dog and our cattle. T.H. has evolved to a higher place energetically and he doesn’t even know it. A normal person would not notice. But I notice.  I’m borderline psychic.
In the old days when I would show up to the pens with Puncher to work cattle the “Old T.H.” would react just like this:  Deep sigh…audible groan…glance at watch…shake head…walk off.
The “New T.H.” reacts like this:   “Hon, why don’t you and Puncher go gather the cattle, pen ’em,  sort em up and load the alley for me?”  Then he stands back and merely watches and waits.  That’s it.  No yelling, no gestures, no nothing.  (He has not quite evolved far enough to say “Good Job”. Baby steps.)
The monumental psychic shift coincided with Cattle Dog Trial last April when I brought home $900 smackaroos.  It’s not personal to him anymore.  It’s business.  T.H.’s former lack of enthusiasm was totally understandable though. Puncher and I did turn a $700 steer into $300 steer (twice).
“Come By”
Cattle Dog trials aside, Puncher does have a day job.
 She is a professional “Cow Dog”.
 And I fancy myself a professional “Cow Girl”.  So there.
“Walk Up”
The bigger shift in consciousness this year has been mine.
It was monumental. Cataclysmic. It involved   ants in my pants .
The shift for me is simply this….
I walk in confidence.
(And today I walk in muck boots and yoga pants)
“Walk Up”
I have learned to channel Sargent Carter from Gomer Pyle USMC.
“I Can’t HEAR you!”
(did I mention my psychic abilities?)
“Push ’em”
My inner voice can’t hear your outter voice….
In fact, I’m so fined tuned (energetically speaking) that sometimes
I can even silence my own Evil Twin.
“Push ’em”
My Evil Twin is the one that puts a tiny pain in my heart and tummy.
“Good Girl”
That bitch tries to get me to doubt myself and be afraid.
“Good Girl”
She tries to tell me I don’t know how to do things.
She is no match for my new psychic friend Sargent Carter. 

Puncher and I have a cattle dog trial in Tulsa this week.
“Push ‘Em”
I’m taking Sargent Carter, USMC with me.
SHAZAM,  Puncher.
Love,  Cowgirl Red   aka  Terah
 Oh T.H. are those tears of joy?
All this inner work we’ve been doing is quite emotional stuff.
Group Hug?
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  1. Hi Terah, good luck with the trials…. and leave the "Bitch" at home….you don't need her;…. I've loved reading and seeing your stories, you have me hooting with laughter. Can't believe that we have been blogging for nearly a year…. I think I started in November last year.. you have lifted my spirits over the year with your antics…sending bloggy hug…Glad to call you my friend… will be thinking of you at the trials this week….go get em girl…. 🙂

  2. I'll channel Fantasy Island for you Terah…" SMILES EVERYONE SMILES!"
    I'm happy for you. :o)


  3. Best of luck to Sgt Carter and Puncher. I know yous can do it. Bring home the big prize and watch TH dissolve into those tears of joy. A big group hug.

  4. Okay, now I have to ask. How did you and Puncher turn a $700 cow into a $300 cow? Excuse me, steer–LOL!

    I am soooo excited for you and Puncher to be competing this week! I want pics and the whole story again! Whoohoo!! You, Puncher, and Sargent Carter will do most confidently well. Yes, leave the negative bitch at home! :):)

    I'm sure TH'd say it was dust. 😉

  5. This is such a excellent post, a peek into your life on the ranch…thank you Terah! The photo of Puncher is awesome!

  6. Thanks everybody! Terah

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