Sometimes I can’t find my horses.
It’s not that this ranch is so big. It’s not. I think they deliberately hide from me.
 They stand there laughing in groves of trees as Puncher and I whip by on the 4-wheeler 3 times.
They know I’m looking for them.  I check on them every couple of days.
“Ha Ha Ha.  That Red-Head is blind as a bat!”
“May I be of some assistance?”
“What ‘dya bring us?”
“Well to heck with ya’ then.  We’ll just eat some hedge-apples”
“‘ We know they’re not good for us.”
“We just like to watch you freak out”
“Really? ….. You brought nothing.”
“Next time … bring snacks. ”
 “By the way,   Red ……..    Tag.  You’re IT. ”


Love,  Cowgirl Red   aka  Terah

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  1. The red head is blind as a bat! Hahahahaha. Okay, so I’ve seen these “hedge apples” in the street since I was a kid. I always called them brain balls ’cause they looked sort of like funky gray matter. What trees do they fall from? Why are they so big and completely useless, except for maybe when you want to hurl one at the bully who regularly chases you home from school because he is a complete cretin.


  2. I’ve never seen a hedge apple. Why are they bad for the horses?

    I love that they didn’t bother to reveal their whereabouts. Maybe because…”Nothing? Seriously?” LOL!

    They are so beautiful, Terah. I loved this post!! And I’ve missed visits with you and all your critters and seeing what you’re up to and the beautiful things you create. Please don’t stay away so long! 😉

    • Thanks Rita, “They” say that they are but I don’t think so as long as they don’t overdo it. Maybe they could get caught in their throats. Thanks for your kind words. I went through a little slump.

  3. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Yep, you are gonna haveta keep sugar in your pockets, or at least a red delicious apple. Hmmm excuse me I am getting hungry.

  4. What a beautiful ranch you have and even though they are a bit head strong – those horses are stunning!


  1. […] can run but they can’t hide from me anymore because they are essentially in […]

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