Things happen to me.

I fancy myself a pretty good hand with a horse. I feel comfortable multi-tasking while riding. I’ve led pack-strings in the mountains of Wyoming.  I’ve had cowboys let me hold calves with a rope while they doctor.  You know …. western cowboy stuff.
I’m used to riding a horse and letting him decide where to put his feet and what not to run into.
I have faith in my horse.  The 4-Wheeler ?   Not so much.
The other day I rode out on the 4-Wheeler to catch Pardner back up after having him turned out over the holidays. No problem.  I’ve done this dozens of times.
 We find him, catch him, and head back to the barn.  “We” is  two Border Collies and one Ubiquitious  Little White Dog. At the same time, I’m still perfecting my “Over the Shoulder” technique with the camera.
 We’re clipping along at a pretty good pace and I notice Paint galloping freely beside us. I think “Oh, won’t that make a great snapshot!”  So I start snapping away with my camera over my shoulder and to the side.
  I have two hands doing three tasks. Driving the 4-Wheeler, holding Pard’s lead rope and taking the pictures.  This does not add up correctly.
Then Paint cuts ahead of us on the dirt road and I don’t think too much of it.  I  glance back to see what Pard’s doing and  ……….  WHAM!I rear-ended my own horse.  For some reason, Paint either stopped or slowed down and I slammed into the back of him just like on the freeway.  He kicked my headlight out in self-defense, Pardner sucked back jerking the  lead rope out of my hand, and off they went.  All I can do now is watch. I’m so proud of myself.
They made a big circle and them came back.  We were sitting, watching from the 4-Wheeler (3 dogs and me).
Like a fool I got off and stepped towards them to catch Pardner back up.
Not happening.
I’m feeling really handy right now.  But I know Pard. And I know he’s dragging his lead rope. And I know he will get his dumb ass hung up at some point.
Luckily, they head for the barn.
 And he did fulfill my prophecy.
Things really do happen to me. But then again, some things never happen. I can attest to it.  My horse will never crash into the rear-end of another horse. My horse will never run out of gas or refuse to start because I filled it with diesel by mistake.  My horse will not fall in a hole, get high centered, get stuck in the mud, run into a tree or get a flat. These things have never happened.
But then in defense of the 4-Wheeler ; when I fall off of it, it has never run to the barn and made me walk home.
Nor has it ever sucked back and broke it’s bridle while we were sorting calves and ran off and made me ford a creek in freezing weather to catch it while worrying about it rolling with my saddle on it’s back that is worth more than he is.

That has never happened.

Love,    Cowgirl Red  aka  Terah

P.S.  That part about fording the creek …… it happened last week.

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  1. i am howling with laughter. i think I get in some messes…with two dogs, but lord if I had all that space and big animals — i can’t imagine!

  2. Thank you for making me warm & happy! The sunshine in your photos almost takes the chill out of the single digit temps we’ve got. Okay, that is just with wind chill, but it’s still way too cold for my little toes. Your tales are an absolute riot! Loving the over the shoulder action shots!

    • Carolyn, It looks warmer than it is. I am always amazed at the color and depth in the photos taken by my little pocket camera. Thanks for visiting. xoxo Terah

    • Carolyn, It looks warmer than it is. I am always amazed at the color and depth in the photos taken by my little pocket camera. Thanks for visiting. xoxo Terah

  3. Dear Terah

    Thanks for joining me for the launch of Friendship Friday – I always enjoy stopping by and seeing your beautiful horses! 🙂

    One of the things I love most about my blog as well is the wonderful international community and connections I’ve built. Keep writing – and feel free to share your favorite creative pieces at Inspire Me Monday!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    Ramona 🙂

    • Ramona, Thank you for leaving a comment. Your blog has been such a treat and an inspiration to me. You have facilitated my connection with so many other creative bloggers. Thank you Thank you Thank you. xoxo Terah

  4. OMG! What an adventurous, irregular, embarrassing, successful, frustrating, humorous day! 🙂 I absolutely love that you got those pictures so I could see everything but the horse butt-bumping myself–LOL! YOu are something else lady!! :):)

  5. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    I am Pard wasn’t hurt. Oh yes, and you too. You better be careful out there. I probably would have kicked out that headlight too if you would have run into me. ha…

  6. This is hilarious. I’ve been laughing out loud, which is impressive given the frigid room I’m sittig in right now. Happy to stop by from Create With Joy.

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  7. Thanks for sharing. I found you through Friendship Friday. The pics are so cool – very nice!

    Sandie lee

  8. I am a new follower via the Friendship Friday Blog Hop!! Wow! What awsome adventures you must have every day!

  9. Oh Terah you made my morning. I have done the same exact thing while taking photos except I was walking! It must be a photographer thing. You did just remind me of something though…ryan & I were talking last night about a saddle custom made to fit Yankee, however with how often he dumps me in the pasture and runs home, I’m not sure I want to trust a $300 horse alone with $2500 saddle! I certainly wont be telling Ryan about that thought, otherwise he wouldn’t even think about looking into a saddle lol

    • Hi Nicole, That is so funny about the saddle. This particular saddle I have right now has been rolled with twice before. I don’t think I have enough luck to survivie another one. Thanks for commenting. Terah

  10. Amazing that you were able to take photos through all of that! Things always seemto happen when you have horses though. I remember the time on a trail ride and my daughter was riding a horse that just loved to roll in the water…well we had to cross the river and yes he rolled…boy was she upset! As you pribably know I spent a good month sick with a respiratory infection but I’m better now and I wanted you to know that I will soon get to paint your beautiful dog. Have a great day Terah!

  11. Awesome post ~ Living in New England your life sounds so wonderful ~ am sure it is a lot of work ~ Animals, especially horses, are not dumb as some people think ~ They have us trained well ~ Love them though, My little 8 lb Yorkie has me ‘right under her thumb’ ~ Great photos, great happenings ~ namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

  12. Hi Terah, hope your ok, after upending your 4 wheeler…glad to see back in the saddle, so to speak. Hope you had a good Christmas with your girlie. xx

  13. At least you did not get your LandCruiser run over by a Cairo school bus full of kids laughing at you as your bumper gets a ride down the street attached to the bus…..

    Yes, I do read some things….

    • Hi Bro, I’m so thrilled you are reading my blog. Sounds like your driving skills have not improved in Egypt. xoxo Terah

      • It is tough to be a sitting target and get hit by a bus. Couldn’t get out of the way.
        I usually don’t get in wrecks, just cause them.
        Oh well.

  14. LOL. That is just too funny! What is funniest is that prob everyone reading can relate to a similar story that they pulled. I do miss the ranch.

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