Several people have asked me what happened the ‘sore-eyed’ steer.  How sweet. Thanks for asking. I would love to tell you.

After we gathered the bunch and sorted off the 4 big steers and the ‘sore-eye’. The 4 big ones got loaded in the front and you saw the part where he tried to mother-up to Paint in the back of the  trailer.  He couldn’t see out of that left eye. He thought they were friends. (I did edit the photo so it wasn’t quite a gross. Sorry, but I have to sacrifice a little blogger’s integrity for steer’s dignity. You can imagine it red and gross)

We hauled them back to the main ranch about 5 miles away where we have the working pens. These steers are big, they weigh about 800 lbs. Too big to doctor in the pasture, plus T.H.’s cowboy (me) can’t rope.

The fun part is using Puncher to push them up through the sorting pens and load them in the alley that leads to the chute.  More play work for us. 

We put him in the hydraulic chute.  Don’t worry he’s not hurting or anything. T.H. gives him a shot of antibiotic.

T.H. made an eye patch out of old blue jeans.  That is bovine super glue he’s squirting on the edges.

I put some salve in his eye and pat his head while admiring my new shellac manicure. The pat on the head is more for me than him.

He secures it in place trying not to glue his fingers together.

The patch will keep the sun and the dirt out of his eye for awhile but still let it breathe.

Then it will fall off on it’s own.

His eye will be healed (hopefully) and maybe he’ll even be able to see out of it.

We turned him out in the ‘trap pasture’ closer to home with some of his new friends.

This picture would be complete with a bird perched on his shoulder.

He’s a happy steer now.  I wonder what he’ll do when he sees his traveling partner, ol’ Paint again.

Probably run for his life.

Love, Cowgirl Red     aka Terah

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  1. you are a crazy beeeaaaach! Love it!~

  2. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Life on the ranch is full of action. Lucky steer having his own dr and nurse.

  3. Great to the steer ~ He is looking at you in the photo ‘like I am not quite happy about this patch’ ~ full life you have there and certainly have to be ‘creative’ each day ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  4. Truthfully, if I was that steer I’d probably go try to rub it off on a branch or a tree trunk–LOL! But I hope he doesn’t. I love that you gave him a little pat on the head. Learned something new today. There is steer super glue. 😉

    Have a really great week, Lady!! 🙂

  5. Poor thing i hope hes better soon!

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