I’m back in the studio and does it ever feel good!

I took an unintended hiatus because of marvelous Spring weather, lots of riding, playing with dogs and fish and being T.H.’s hired man.  The heat has finally driven me (willingly) up to my studio for my summer schedule.

This was a little “warm-up”  project.  The fabric is by the New Mexico Artist, George Mendoza for Westminster.

I bought it (and many more by him) on my  artist’s retreat to Santa Fe last fall.

I’ve had some of his fabric before I knew who he was.

The “panels” were the same size as the cushions I had made last fall. 

They’re 16 X16X2 with a zipper closure.

They are for sale together or separate.

My Etsy Shop is not set up yet. Email me or leave a comment.

$40 each plus shipping.

Love, Cowgirl Red aka  Terah

P.S. When I showed them to T.H. he said  “Are those for some of your Hippie Friends?”  I didn’t think I had any Hippie Friends.  Raise your hand if you think he’s talking about you.   XOXO

P.P.S. George Mendoza is a fabulous artist with an inspiring story.  Read about him here.

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  1. Please tell T.H. that I am officially raising my hand……I am pretty sure he is talking about me…..and many others! LOVE your work and LOVE your blog!! Your life is amazing…..I need to come visit!!!

    Peace, love and save the whales (that’s hippie talk you know!)

    love, cindi

  2. Gorgeous, happy to hear your back in the studio!

  3. Beautiful!

  4. My hand is raised. Been called a flower child all my life. LOL!
    These are gorgeous!! Love his use of color.
    I knew you’d be back to sewing eventually. We can never stay away from our loves for extended periods of time. 😉

  5. Wow! Those are the best cushions ever- you have impeccable taste in fabric! So glad you joined the virtual vacation!

  6. Love this !!!


  7. Gorgeous fabric! And yes, I have raised my hand!

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