I have a treasure chest in a Justin Boot Box.

Last year I bought a whole box full of vintage quilt blocks for about $40. This is only about 1/10th of what’s in there.

I would never tackle a project like these blocks even with modern fabrics.  It’s much too tedious for me. But there is something about these precious unfinished quilts that I just cannot leave alone.

These fabrics were someone’s blouse, skirt or kitchen curtains. I can see it.

I think they were from around the time that I was born in the 50’s.

I can’t stand the fact that someone lovingly created these gems but never got to finish their quilt. What happened?   I am driven to finish them, but in my own style. I will the blocks out and look at them for a few days. Then it hits me what to do. This time I created the sashing with some chambray I had in my stash.

I always know that I am on the right path when I finish a vintage piece and I am able to use every square. When math comes out right I know “she’s” with me.

  But most interesting to me is the fact that here again …. I used exactly every  inch of the chambray that I had. I did not pre-measure it. I merely started cutting it up and sewing. It came out exactly right.

That is when I know that my Muse is in the room…… again.

 It’s a wonderful feeling. I’m not surprised anymore when it happens.

I call it Quilting for Karma.

Love, Cowgirl Red    aka Terah

P.S. Namaste

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  1. These are truly lovely. I can imagine you almost feel the presence of some dear lady over your shoulder or sharing an invisible cup of coffee with you. You have done a remarkable job with those precious squares. 🙂

  2. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    You bet she is with you. She is thrilled that a similar soul has come upon her works. How wonderful that it came together in your hands. Life is good.

  3. That is beautiful!!!!!!!!! Now if I tried that it would be a triangle quilt!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

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