I only had Playboy for two weeks before we went to the RSNC Finals in Oklahoma City.

He is such a business man.Very serious. Very stoic. I never know what he’s thinking. I don’t think I know him very well, but then there may not be that much to know. He is not a complex horse.

I wondered when we got home if he would remember …… like … ” Oh yes, I live here now.”

And I also wondered if he was happy about it….like… “I love my new home, I love that red-head, she’s so pretty”

 (I always  anthropomorphize my animals)

After 5 days in the beastly hot show barns I would not blame him if he hated me and never wanted to see me again. I may have even hated me for part of one day and never wanted to see me again.  I questioned my own sanity at times.  After 4 hours on the road in unbearable  heat, I pulled up to the barn and led him out of the trailer. I took his halter off right there and let him go.  He stood there for a few seconds. No emotion. No change of expression. Nothing. Typical ‘Playboy’.

Then he followed me for a few steps, not realizing that he was free.

I scratched him on the head and told him “Good boy, now beat it”

Then he broke out in a happy dance!

 Like football players do in the end zone but it’s a little subdued or they get in trouble.

 And then he pealed out. Like a teenager.

I haven’t seen him since.
Not really.

He got to the end of the drive, stopped turned around, and walked back up to me. I was a little emotional and forgot to get that picture. I think he likes me.  He knows he’s home. My apologies to all you non-believers.

Love Cowgirl Red,   aka  Terah

P.S.  I, myself, did not do a happy dance when I got home. I was too hot and sticky to dance. It would have chafed.  I shuffled into the house, took a cold shower and laid in front of the air-conditioning for two days.  Then I unpacked. Then it was Friday.

Farm Photo Friday

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  1. He really does look thrilled to be free and home! The fact that he came right back to you…awww! I think he likes you–yes!! Playboy has well hidden emotions. I’m sure you can coax the happiness out of him. 😉

    I’m glad you’re home and cooled off. Maybe it won’t be so crazy hot next time you go. One can hope, eh?

    • Yes Rita, there is always hope. It will be like childbirth thought. By next year I will have forgotten the pain. hahah Thanks for reading Terah

      • Ain’t that the God’s truth! If we didn’t have an almost instant partial amnesia no woman would have more than one child. LOL! 😉

  2. He is a beautiful and very inelligent horse. Yes, he sure looks like he feels right at hone. I just love palominos. My daughter’s horse is a palomino, and her baby (who is not a baby anymore) is a buckskin.

    • Hi Crystal. I would love to have a painting of him also. I’ll start collecting photos. How are you? Terah

  3. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Of course you love your playboy like a son. He is such a good boy. They have feelings too you know. I can just imagine the jubilation of getting out of the saddle and turned loose. Whopeee…. I hope you both have recovered by now.

  4. Now the personality is starting to show! I love your photo of his dance- pure happiness!

  5. Wow! What an awesome picture of the Playboy ‘Happy Dance’ ~ and you certainly work hard, lady ~ very creative one too ~ thanks for coming by ~~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

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