We’ve been going steady now for 5 months. I totally attracted this because I know how to manifest my dreams and desires.  I watched The Secret a few hundred times.

I even bought a new expensive horse so I could attract more time together.

He still doesn’t talk much. I wish I had attracted some witty repartee. But that’s OK. I’m witty enough for two.

And really,  what more needs said?

…….What more?

Well, a little more needs said…..

I have attracted that nagging feeling that something in this relationship is just …… uh….. not right. You know, that feeling you get in your stomach when you know you are doing something ….. uh…. in the grey area? (sort of bad but not bad enough to stop)

I have two ‘moral-ish’ dilemmas:

#1.  He’s really really really really young.  So I’m not sure if I’m a Pedophile or a Cougar. Where do you cross-over? Where is that line? I’m in a grey area here.  (50 shades?)  Where does it switch from “EWWWWW”  to “YOU GO GIRL”?  Where, I ask you? Where?

#2.  I’m afraid one of you ladies (sic. bitches) is going to narc me out. And then …… the party’s over. For all of us.

Because really, what self-respecting 20-something could handle the pressure?  I don’t know. Maybe I need to ask a professional?

Does anyone have Jennifer Lopez’ number?

How about Vera Wang’s personal email?

Demi, are you still out there?

Like I said ……. Not bad enough to stop.
Love,   Cowgirl Red   aka  Terah
P.S.   Meeow…

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  1. u are one crazy beeeaaaaach!

  2. LOL! You may be dancing on a fine line, but since you are basically dancing in the world of fantasy and sweet dreams…well, what the heck! ROFL!! 😉 😉

  3. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Love those shots of that a.., anvil. Yep hard as a.., an anvil. I don’t see anything gray about this picture. Look out cougar is loose.

  4. Love the horse ~ She is beautiful ~ As for the ‘man’ ~ I think you are asking yourself (as I read this) ‘is this what I really want? need? ~ perhaps ‘settling for less than what you want? Don’t know you well enough but do know I have ‘stayed with a relationship that was not something I knew I wanted long term but ‘filled the void’ for a time ~ Finally, got to the point that I decided I would rather be alone than settle for ‘less than what I wanted) Do what feels right for YOU! manifest those dreams.
    namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

  5. oh yeah, one more thing——> because of circumstances that have come my way in the last week, I have been reminded by the universe to “don’t put off til tomorrow, what you can do today” lesson! But you already know that! lol

  6. Whatever your decision, which I know will be the right one for you, keep the blog posts & photos coming this is too much fun. And I am with Terri & the universe on this crossroad!
    Love the post, I am still smiling.

  7. LMAO! You better be carefull………..someone will think you are serious!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!
    Besides that you dont want to be on the HUNT (figure of speech) for another horse shoer!!!!


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