I love to doodle. I love the word doodle. I love to say the word doodle.


When I doodle on paper (which is constantly) this is what it looks like.

Daydreaming. Heart shapes and swirls.

I doodle in my studio when I don’t have a big project going or when I need a break.

It’s relaxing. It’s meditative.  Ommmmmmmm….

 I take one fat quarter in a color that I love. (Red first, purple second)

Put some leftover batting behind it. Attach my free motion quilting foot, contrasting thread and let ‘er rip.

An hour later I have a little piece of fiber art.

A scrap of leftover fabric from another project.  Some vintage buttons.

I’ve been fighting with my automatic button-hole foot. I hate you automatic button-hole foot.

I want to throw you away.

I do the button holes free hand without the automatic button-hole foot.

Life is sweeter when I have ceased fighting anyone or anything. *

This pillow is 20 X 20. It’s for sale on Etsy.

Love,  Cowgirl Red  aka  Terah

P.S. * I didn’t make that up myself.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Just getting the sewing machine out is a struggle for me. This heart design is sweeet. I like to doodle too. My doodles are mostly in ink.

  2. Hey there cowgirl. I love your DOODLES! I doodle on my machine too and the cool thing is…that you can doodle a button hole. no need for any special part. have fun! Doodle!

  3. I hadn’t doodled in decades and am kind of doing it again now with zentangles and such. I agree–so relaxing and meditative. I love that you can doodle with the sewing machine and that pillow is charming–lifts the spirits. 🙂

  4. Lovely creation ~ fun post ~ (A Creative Harbor)

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