I was on the phone with my daughter and kept being distracted by a ruckus outside.  “Ruckus” meaning the familiar sound of 3 dogs having something either treed or cornered.

I told her “I’ll call you back. The dogs have something out front. I need to make sure it’s not a cat.” Punishment is swift and severe on this outfit if a dog gets caught harassing a one of my beloved cats.

My second thought was “Please don’t let it be a skunk ….. again”

Not a skunk. Not a cat. Not a raccoon. Not a possum. Not a Porcupine.

Oh my! It’s cutest little baby badger I’ve ever seen.  At least I think it’s a baby. Because I’ve never seen a baby badger before. I want it to be a baby because it’s so cute. I’ve never seen one this close before. Especially never seen one this close while wearing flip-flops and yoga pants and improper undergarments with an iPhone in hand. It must be a baby because she’s not attached to one of my dogs.

And she looks scared.

I learned a lot about badgers today. At least this little badger.

She can puff herself up to look twice her size. Like a porcupine.That’s what I thought she was at first.

She can flatten herself out like a flounder at the bottom of the sea. I never thought she was a flounder.

Or a pancake.

She didn’t seem as quite as pugnacious (sic. bad-ass) as I imagine a full-grown badger to be when facing down three dogs.

  When I told T.H. about it he asked me if “I took care of him”.

I said “Yes.”

I took care of her alright.  I penned the dogs up and let her carry on to become the bad-ass badger she was born to be.

Love,  Cowgirl Red   aka  the Badger-lovin-Cowgirl

P.S. She needs to watch “The Honey Badger” 

P.P.S. I’ve always loved the Badger. I get excited every time I see one. I relate to them. We are kindred spirits. “Growl first, ask questions later.”

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Of course you took care of it the proper way. What was TH thinking? What a cute little thing. Of course I full grown badger wouldn’t have tolerated a few dogs barking at it. It might have thought those flip-flop mounted toes were tasty treats too. 😉

  2. It really is a cutie! Now you have me giggling again with the Honey Badger video!! OMG! This was wasn’t a Honey Badger, I guess. 😉

  3. Aww I love badgers too! I tried to get my hubby to get me a baby badger so I could have a pet badger, but he said no way no how is he going digging in a badger hole to find a baby!

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