The following is a test.


Of my ability to post to my blog from my iPhone.

Red Angus cows

I hardly ever crack open my laptop anymore. I noticed the other day that I have not downloaded one picture from my iPhone to my laptop since January. A lot has happened since January. We calves out 140 first calf heifers.

image image

I haven’t checked my email in 3 weeks.  Does anyone even use email anymore? It’s mostly junk and people trying to sell me stuff. But I have written 3 actual real letters

hangin' T

Well here we are on May 19, 2016. Selling our big steers.

Amazing!  I did it. All it took was a little boredom and very little time. I thought it was going to be something so hard that I would have to pay someone to teach me. I’m not too old after all

Love,  CowgirlRed

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  1. Hey! Glad it worked! You’ve been really busy and now we know why. 🙂

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