These are two of my twelve barn cats. They won’t stay in the barn. They prefer the porch. A certain dog chewed up the pillows of my wicker porch chairs last summer  Better the pillows than the chairs themselves. So being how winter is here, I decided to make slip covers for them so my […]

Some of our steers fell in love with the neighbors cows.   Before we could ship the steers we needed to go get them. Trophy Husband (T.H.) sucked the cows into the corner of the adjoining pasture with the pickup and round bale attached. I brought up the stragglers on Paint. This time of year there are not many stragglers.  That round bale with the horn honking is a […]

artI just returned from a lovely week in Santa Fe.  It was mini spiritual/aunt/niece/grand-niece reunion  (I’m the niece) at my Aunt Sandra’s beautiful mountain home.  Also an artist’s retreat for me.  Here is a picture of all the gadgets that I took with me. Impressive? Laptop, Ipod, Droid, Blutooth, new Ipad etc etc.  I had envisioned myself sitting on her […]

Today I realized that I am a “Snapshot-ographer”.  I am not Photographer. Photography is the process or art of producing images. Snapshot-ography is me shooting from the hip quickly with a pocket camera and hoping for the best. It is ridiculously, dangerously impossible to take photographs (art) while simultaneously participating in the event. The artist in […]

Last summer I found this vintage cotton hand dyed batik in an antique shop in downtown Charleston, West Virginia. The detail is stunning. Look at the border. A very unique peice of fabric. I love, love, love, batik.  In prior life I must have lived in India, or Bali. I can tell by the detail, and […]

I wanted to make a dog bed for Puncher so she could hang out with me while I am in my studio.  I like my dogs to have their own “spot” in the house or a room.  It gives them a place to be that is just theirs. They like that.  I also needed the bed to […]

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