This ranch  is burnt up with drought.  But everyday,  on my walks  and on my horse  I can still find   pockets of beauty.  The Monarchs come  twice a year.  They’re headed south  this time. The oldtimers say there used to be more. I’m grateful for these.  There seems to be  a side show going […]

I commissioned the designers of 99Designs to design me a logo. I’ve never done anything like this before. It was a leap of faith. It was scary and fun. I want to know what you all think.  I’m developing my blog into a new website and hopefully a platform to write, tell stories, and eventually […]

I was gone for a week visiting my baby girl in Salt Lake City.  Mostly we were eating sushi, getting shellac manicures, shopping. When I came home T.H. had cattle stuffed in every nook and cranny of this ranch. T.H. must have been on a big buying spree much like the one I was on in Salt Lake City with my girl. […]

Does this saddle make me look fat?  Paint ol’ buddy,  we need to talk. I’m a little concerned about your weight. Your belly is hanging over your back cinch. I know you’re sensitive and all.  It’s been a long winter. I understand where you’re coming from.  I do. We are both at the same stage in […]

Discombobulated.  I have been using that word alot lately to describe myself. I actually thought it was a made up word. I like the sound of it.It’s like “Bippity Boppity Boo”. Driving to town yesterday with TH feeling discombobulated again, I wondered out loud, “Do you think that is a real word or made up word?” […]

Since starting to blog a few months ago I have become acquainted and made friends with some amazing women.  One especially, Lille Diane and her blog Woodstock Lily . She is a gifted artist, singer, writer, Renaissance Woman. Lille started a project called Hope Rocks.  You can read about it on her blog.  I read and listened to her story about […]

artI just returned from a lovely week in Santa Fe.  It was mini spiritual/aunt/niece/grand-niece reunion  (I’m the niece) at my Aunt Sandra’s beautiful mountain home.  Also an artist’s retreat for me.  Here is a picture of all the gadgets that I took with me. Impressive? Laptop, Ipod, Droid, Blutooth, new Ipad etc etc.  I had envisioned myself sitting on her […]

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