I need to get this huge elephant out of the room, or more specifically out of my blog.  It’s so big and heavy that it’s blocking my creative flow.  A blog is much like reality TV. You have to be real or pretty soon you really won’t be here at all.     Definition: […]

Yesterday morning I dropped my expensive age-fighting face cream in the bathroom. I estimated that about $20 of it plopped out on the floor.  So I ran to the kitchen to get a spatula which I don’t have because I’m living like a gypsy right now. My next choice was a tablespoon. I got down […]

Gets me. * * * Gets me not. * * * Gets me. * * * Gets me not. * * * Gets me. * * * Gets me not. * * * Gets me. * * * Really?  Gets me not. * * * Gets me. * * * Gets me to the 3rd […]

 Who knew? Seriously. Who knew that getting hay delivered could be such an aesthetically pleasing and satisfying experience? For an extra $1 per bale a middle-aged cowgirl can get her hay delivered and stacked in the barn. You simply call them up. Order the hay. They send over two age-appropriate cowboys. Dressed in chaps. I […]

You know, sometimes these blog posts just write themselves. I keep thinking I should be ashamed of myself. But I’m not ……. in the least. I think my daughter might be a little embarrassed of me and for me. She may have wished I would behave myself since I was visiting her at her new […]

  I love to doodle. I love the word doodle. I love to say the word doodle. Doodle. When I doodle on paper (which is constantly) this is what it looks like. Daydreaming. Heart shapes and swirls. I doodle in my studio when I don’t have a big project going or when I need a […]

“Hey buddy, where can a frog wet his whistle around here?” It’s been almost 110 degrees every day this week. As I was watering my only surviving flower-pot this little froggie jumped out. Ok I know he is technically a toad, but whatever. He’s still beautiful.  For the purpose of this blog post I will […]

 We’ve been going steady now for 5 months. I totally attracted this because I know how to manifest my dreams and desires.  I watched The Secret a few hundred times. I even bought a new expensive horse so I could attract more time together. He still doesn’t talk much. I wish I had attracted some witty […]

Pow Wow  One word ….. WOW “Artist Date “….. “Explore something festive that interests you …. “ “Replenish our inner well of images and inspiration…” “Fire up the imagination”…  Julia Cameron  “Immerse yourself in color”….. “Listen to the drums ….” “Eat some Indian Tacos”….. “Buy a lot of stuff for your little friend”  …. Me. […]

 Somehow I got qualified to go to the Ranch Sorting National Finals  in Oklahoma City last week.  I really wanted to go. I was afraid. Afraid of the heat. Afraid of traveling down there alone. Afraid of competing in front of all those people.  I was afraid of being afraid and all the other fears and […]

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