Last week while I was feeding my fish and looking for my new koi I had a little mishap. I was leaning over the edge of the pond dock when my iPhone 4S and Sony Cybershot fell out of my shirt pocket. Plop, Plop! Just like that. They sank to the bottom. I screamed. My […]

So ya’ll know how devastated I was at the breakup of my last relationship.  I have tried a couple rebound relationships since  “him”.  They just didn’t work out for various reasons. Mostly because they were too close to my own age. (Too old, too slow,too arthritic, too grumpy, too fat) I’ve decided that being a […]

   “Maybe our Girlfriends are our Soul-Mates and guys are just people to have fun with”. I stole that from Dabney Porte and Social Media Girlfriends on Facebook today. And it got me to thinking…… Who really knows my heart? It’s no secret that TH and I haven’t been getting along lately. (That’s a subject […]

We’re having a deja vu moment.  We’ve been here before.  But, alas, Hollywood did not call when I pitched my “Biggest Looser.. Cowgirl Edition” to them.  Oh well, we’ll just do what most grown up Cowgirl’s do …. buy a bigger saddle. (metaphor for jeans). On last Sunday I decided I wanted to compete in […]

This fall I’ve walked in beauty everyday. I walk down by the creek behind the house. It’s good for my mental health.   After a summer of drought my senses are a dried up sponge. Tiger Kitty is good for my mental health too. She follows me everywhere. I try not to trip over her. […]

My  horse shoer broke up with me yesterday.  I’m really busted up about it.  In fact, I’m devastated. If I still drank, I’d be drunk right now.  This is the most upsetting break up I’ve ever experienced.And I’ve been married three times. (My perspective may be off slightly due to all that drinking) It’s not like I’m […]

I took my two horses to a Kansas Stock Horse Show last weekend.  Ol’ Paint, the consummate professional…. No problem.  My sweet Pardner, new kid on the block…. Big problem. What happened?  I don’t know. I’ll never know. He isn’t saying.  Devil possession? Aliens? I’m clueless. He was great at the Quarter Horse Show two weeks ago. No […]

Discombobulated.  I have been using that word alot lately to describe myself. I actually thought it was a made up word. I like the sound of it.It’s like “Bippity Boppity Boo”. Driving to town yesterday with TH feeling discombobulated again, I wondered out loud, “Do you think that is a real word or made up word?” […]

There are a few things on this ranch that I just love to look at everyday. Makes me feel good and smile inside.  I rode out on the 4wheeler to catch up my horses and bring them back in closer to the house for the rest of the winter.  First, I had to find them. I honestly […]

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