Little white dogs and ponies are not cut out for blizzards.  We got smacked with two “record-breaking” (for Kansas) snow storms in one 5 day period.  It was called the “Blizzard of Oz 2013”. For three of those days I was unable to get to the ranch to check on my horses. I thought I […]

When I started my blog 2 years ago I knew nothing about how it all works out there in cyberspace. I just knew it was fun. When my webmaster asked me to give him the Search Engine Optimization (“S.E.O.” for all us Tech-Divas)  words I wanted to use, I said ” Uh…..  I’ll get back […]

Staying with the “Our Lady” theme …..   I hope I’m not doing anything insensitive here.  I’m not Catholic, but I have consulted my Catholic girlfriends, and I have spent lots of time in Mexico. I love the art form of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This is one of the fabric art panels I bought […]

Full disclosure here:  I’m not Catholic. I’m Cowgirl. But if I was going to choose a religion based solely on art and visual imagery, I would totally convert. Catholics have us beat.  Hands down. (Hands up actually) Not that it’s a contest or anything. Especially the Hispanic Catholics. Because they have “Our Lady”. And they […]

  Our Lady of Guadalupe. En espanol por favor. Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe. I don’t have a Spanish Keyboard to get the proper punctuations. Lo siento. I made a similar pillow earlier this year. A really nice man bought it on my Etsy Shop for his wife. Our Lady now resides in Laguna Niguel, California. […]

  I met “My Muse” in person when I made this quilt. It was a magical experience that I will never forget.   I even blogged about it here.  My Muse Was In The Room. This was my most favorite quilt I ever made at the time. I think it was my second one. I […]

  Happy Happy Thanksgiving! My gratitude journal entry today November 22, 2012: Rick(T.H), the ranch, new house, Puncher, Morgane here, Misti snoring on my bed, Paint, Pard, Playboy, my friends, AA, barn cats, new kitty, my modern family, Linda, Lisa, Laura, my journey in life, Ross home from Egypt, Kansas, good health. The fact that […]

I thought I would share a little “Quiet Time” with you today. We were trailing some cattle home from a pasture 5 miles away. It’s the Kansas way. You take some really gentle momma cows and calves. Put a feed truck in front of them and a horse behind them. And you have a “Walking […]

 Who knew? Seriously. Who knew that getting hay delivered could be such an aesthetically pleasing and satisfying experience? For an extra $1 per bale a middle-aged cowgirl can get her hay delivered and stacked in the barn. You simply call them up. Order the hay. They send over two age-appropriate cowboys. Dressed in chaps. I […]

You know, sometimes these blog posts just write themselves. I keep thinking I should be ashamed of myself. But I’m not ……. in the least. I think my daughter might be a little embarrassed of me and for me. She may have wished I would behave myself since I was visiting her at her new […]

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