We’re having a deja vu moment.  We’ve been here before.  But, alas, Hollywood did not call when I pitched my “Biggest Looser.. Cowgirl Edition” to them.  Oh well, we’ll just do what most grown up Cowgirl’s do …. buy a bigger saddle. (metaphor for jeans). On last Sunday I decided I wanted to compete in […]

 I am a “Snapshooter”.  Really. It’s in the dictionary even though WordPress doesn’t recognize it. It’s right above “Snapshot”.  A person who takes snapshots.“Snapshot” is a word made up in the year 1890. A casual photograph made typically by an amateur (me) with a small handheld camera (fits in my pocket). I spent a few […]

11-1-11 What an excellent number. Balanced.  Symmetrical.  Primal.   What an excellent number for a day.   Today, I’ve been blogging for one year.   One blog post has turned into nearly 100.   One friend has grown into scores and scores. Today,  11-1-11. I am grateful.   One is (not) the loneliest number.You fill […]

I am passionate about my cowdogs. I’m a zealot and a fanatic. I think about them and talk about them all the time. Just ask T.H. and my friends. I spend hours every day and week working with my dogs. This has been a dream of my cowgirl life. I’m living it. This blog is about living my passions daily in mid-life. In that spirit, here is the […]

I call for the cattle. They turn three into the arena. Puncher locks on the cattle. For me that is the rush.  I send her “Away”.  She stops when she gets to them and looks back at me. Probably waiting for my neurotic evil twin to shout something confusing.  I have silenced her. I “woosh” her […]

Today is Friday (I know it says Tuesday up above. Pretend it’s still last Friday) Tomorrow is Saturday, the first Cowdog Trial of the year. I have practiced Puncher so many times the last few weeks that I think I made her neurotic.  She would just look at me like “What on earth do you want me to do? Woman make up your […]

The part of America where we live is called “The Heartland” Rightfully so.  Days like this tell me why it’s The Heartland because I feel it in my heart.    TH and I took a drive up north to check on the steers we sent to the feedlot in November. Just some snapshots I took. Crystal blue clear skies are a […]

This fabric is so crazy and bright and passionate.  It looks like an abstract painting. It ia another remnant I purchased at Santa Fe Fabrics in November. There are so few boutique fabric stores left anywhere. I am always on a mission to find them wherever I travel. This is how I finish the seams […]

The Creative Every Day Theme for February Is Passion I’m all about Passion. Passion is the word.  That word for me is Red. I have a fairly large stash of red.   Afterall, it is my favorite color. This remnant I found in a cute little shop close to San Francisco last fall. It was only 3/4 […]

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