It turns out my new life isn’t so different from my old life. Not surprising, considering I only moved “next door”. “Next door” being a couple of miles away with only grass, trees, hills and creeks in between. Still cattle and horses and “ranchey” stuff that I love. But it’s more than that. I’m […]

  I looked up “Badass” in the Urban Dictionary and there was a picture of my friend, Jenn. Every time she rides up on her Harley I get so excited I can hardly stand it. She is the most badass girl I know. I really didn’t know what badass meant. I’ve heard it used so many times by […]

” Live like someone left the gate open.” My friend Terri left that comment on my last blog post. I can’t get it out of my head. That is the perfect answer to the eternal question about the divorce. “What’s your plan?” My plan is this ……  I don’t have one. My plan is no plan. […]

Ever since T.H. texted me that it was “curtains” for us, I started gathering up and organizing my “stuff”. My most precious possessions. I took inventory and I pondered…  “This must be what it feels like to be part of a Traveling Circus”.   My most precious possessions include 3 dogs, 3 horses, a pony, […]

  My precious daughter, only child, came to visit this week to help me “lighten the load”.  We’ve talked and laughed and cried so much. We are going through “Our Stuff”. Literally. Her stuff. My Stuff. Our stuff.  We have a lot of “Stuff”.  She made a casual observation to me this week. She asked […]

My friend MaryAnne over at the fabulous blog Forever 51  recently wrote about having “The Talk” with her aging parents. Not the one about ..uh …… hanky panky …. but the one about finances. (worse)  That got me to thinking.  My daughter is coming for a visit next week and before she gets here I need […]

 frolic: verb/ to amuse oneself . I am easily amused. People still ask me regularly “What do you do?” “Well…….. I frolic.”  I amuse myelf. I make merry. With my iPhone. frolic: verb/ to play and run about happily. They frolic …… so much they fall down. Well, just Pard, because he’s Pard. frolic : noun/ a playful […]

This was my 3rd iPhone 4S since January. I say that with much fondness and in the past tense. I loved that iPhone. My step-daughter, Kaity, was here for a whole week. I had a riding buddy at last!  I was so excited that I was determined to document everything because…..  well that’s what I […]

LEAP ……   and the net will appear. …… Julia Cameron  Let’s be the each others net in life. (Or raft, or inner-tube) Love, Cowgirl Red    aka   Terah P.S.  In honor of Sally Ride, first female astronaut, mentor and inspiration to millions of girls.   Bless you.  One Giant Leap for Womankind.

I think I have that disorder that I saw on T.V.  It’s the one where people can’t recognize faces. It’s real. It exists and I just know I have it. I looked it up on Wikipedia. It’s very rare. It’s called “Prosopagnosia”.  A mother even went to her daycare and picked up the wrong child because […]

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