Last Week   I started playing with some fabric again with the hope that it would “oil the creative machine”.  And it did.  I had two pieces of the patched together batiks. I would make two 20″ throw pillows. I decided to try some free hand quilting with the embroidery foot of my Bernina. I guess it’s free […]

I have missed sewing this spring. I have really missed sharing with my CED 2011 artist friends.   This spring was all cattle, horses, dogs and ranch stuff.  The weather staid cool. So I was outside most days and exhausted most nights. Now the cattle are settled and the afternoons are hot and muggy. Mornings are for outside work (and […]

Last Sunday TH and I drove to Wichita for the day. Most of which was spent in the obligatory trudging through Home Depot and Lowes.  However, we did stop at my favorite little Antique Mall. It is not little. It is huge. It goes on for acres and acres. You know the kind where there are booths […]

This fabric is so crazy and bright and passionate.  It looks like an abstract painting. It ia another remnant I purchased at Santa Fe Fabrics in November. There are so few boutique fabric stores left anywhere. I am always on a mission to find them wherever I travel. This is how I finish the seams […]

The Creative Every Day Theme for February Is Passion I’m all about Passion. Passion is the word.  That word for me is Red. I have a fairly large stash of red.   Afterall, it is my favorite color. This remnant I found in a cute little shop close to San Francisco last fall. It was only 3/4 […]

My little antique cobblers bench with my favorite things in my studio I joined the Creative  Creative Every Day Challenge 2011 hosted by Leah Piken Kolidas.  Where I will post regularly my Fiber and Textile Art.  I joined it for the last few weeks of 2010 and now can’t live without it.  What a dynamic community […]

Seeing how this was Christmas week, I wasn’t exactly spending time in my studio. The most creative thing I’ve done with my fabrics this week is to tie a scarf around Puncher’s neck and attach a Santa hat to my cowboy hat.  I made this pillow a few weeks ago before I started the blog. The fabric […]

I joined the Creative Everyday Challenge for 2011 even though it’s technically still 2010 I will be posting weekly through my blog what I am creating and then sharing with dozens of artists around the world.  I love technology and the community it creates!  I made this pillow from a remnant purchased at my newest “favorit-est” fabric store […]

Because today is Friday, it sounds like a good day to post about my Fiber Art. This is what I do.  I make things with Fabric and Textiles. My art is evolving. It laid dormant for 30+ years. In my teens and twenties I was a talented clothing and textile designer with a college degree […]

These are two of my twelve barn cats. They won’t stay in the barn. They prefer the porch. A certain dog chewed up the pillows of my wicker porch chairs last summer  Better the pillows than the chairs themselves. So being how winter is here, I decided to make slip covers for them so my […]

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