I was going to call this post “The Ugliest Quilt Ever”. But that’s really not fair, nor is it true.  These vintage quilt blocks came in a boot box full of treasures I bought from a custom quilt shop.I laid them out in my studio and stared at them for  weeks.  I think these fabrics […]

I had 32 blocks left from the Crazy Quilt of my last post. I wanted this one to be larger and different. I chose to use some black “sashing” to accentuate the blocks. “Sashing” is basically cutting 3″ strips of black fabric scraps and framing the blocks like window panes. It’s a fun and mindless […]

Creative Everyday Challenge Weekly Check-In While T.H. and I were wandering around Salida, Colorado enjoying the cool weather, I discovered another set of   vintage quilt blocks  .  They were a bit more expensive than the $18 I paid in Wichita. They were $40 (started at $55) which was do-able.  However, they were slightly yellowed with […]

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