I’ve been doing some extensive field research for the ‘North American Armadillo Society’ * this fall. Based on my many real life random observations here is what I have learned about Armadillos. Horses never really know what to do with them. They have the power to back a horse up 10 ft. if they so […]

I was on the phone with my daughter and kept being distracted by a ruckus outside.  “Ruckus” meaning the familiar sound of 3 dogs having something either treed or cornered. I told her “I’ll call you back. The dogs have something out front. I need to make sure it’s not a cat.” Punishment is swift […]

“Hey buddy, where can a frog wet his whistle around here?” It’s been almost 110 degrees every day this week. As I was watering my only surviving flower-pot this little froggie jumped out. Ok I know he is technically a toad, but whatever. He’s still beautiful.  For the purpose of this blog post I will […]

  If I had a grandchild I would have someone to get excited with me when a turtle is crossing the road and I slam on my brakes and rush out to save it’s life by taking her home and letting her go in my Turtle Kingdom. If our kids weren’t so selfishly living their […]

 I ordered some fish on the Internet. Really. eBay to be exact. Not frozen. Real live, swimming-around-in-a-box, fish. Who ever heard of such a thing? Not ordinary fish. Fish with bling. Koi.  I’ve been on a quest for the last 6 summers to get some in our pond. No success. It’s spring and I am […]

On the west end of the ranch, T.H.(Trophy Husband) has a high fence area with a small elk herd. It’s a couple hundred acres of very rugged terrain with lots of grass and trees and hills and two creeks. The fence is about 8 ft. high. It is for trophy hunting of “exotic” type game animals.      He […]

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